1st Edition

EMQs in Ophthalmology, Dermatology and ENT An Essential Revision Guide with Comprehensive Answers

By Mukhtar Bizrah, Manaf Khatib Copyright 2013

    This unique text presents challenging questions covering common and important ophthalmology, dermatology and ENT topics. The comprehensive answers make it an all-in-one study and revision tool for busy students. These specialties are commonly misunderstood by medical students and clinical trainees, and are known to be areas in which valuable marks are frequently lost in written and clinical examinations.

    EMQs in Ophthalmology, Dermatology and ENT is ideal for medical students wanting to consolidate their knowledge. It is also highly recommended for general practitioners, core medical and core surgical trainees, including candidates for the MRCGP, MRCP and MRCS examinations. Junior ophthalmology, dermatology and ENT trainees, including candidates for the Duke-Elder Exam in Ophthalmology, will find the self-testing EMQ format crucial in exam preparations.

    From the Foreword by Professor Janice:
    The authors have done a great job of covering the very wide syllabuses for these subjects while at the same time making reading the book such a pleasurable learning experience. Junior doctors and medical students can use this book to give them a comprehensive, yet adequately detailed, insight into these specialties.

    Foreword. Preface. About the authors. List of contributors. Section A: Ophthalmology EMQs. Sudden painless visual loss. Painful eye. Red eye. Management of red eye. Diplopia. Management of ocular conditions. Ophthalmological terms. Eye structure and function. Features of chronic ocular disorders. Management of chronic ocular disorders. Ophthalmic tests. Ocular manifestations of vascular diseases. Visual impairment. HIV eye disease. Ocular side effects of drugs. Ocular conditions in the developing world. Ocular signs I. Ocular signs II. Pupillary disorders. Paediatric ophthalmology. Ocular trauma. Refraction. Neuro-ophthlamology. Eyelid disorders. Answers. Section B: Dermatology EMQs. Dermatological terms I. Dermatological terms II. Systemic cutaneous disorders I. Systemic cutaneous disorders II. Dermatological disorders I. Management of autoimmune skin disorders. Manifestations of sexually transmitted diseases. Cutaneous ulcers. Cutaneous lesions I. Cutaneous lesions II. Management of malignant melanoma. Infective cutaneous lesions I. Infective cutaneous lesions II. Infective cutaneous lesions III. Dermatological emergencies. Burns. Dermatological drug reactions. Dermatological investigations. Connective tissue disorders. Pharmacology in dermatology. Bullous disorders. Pruritus. Skin infestations. Hair and nails. Dermatological disorders II. Answers. Section C: ENT EMQs. ENT investigations I. ENT investigations II. Vertigo. Otalgia. Dysphagia. Hearing loss. Management of inner ear disorders. Ear infections and their complications. Management of middle ear disorders. External ear disorders. Hoarse voice and dysphonia. Rhinitis and sinusitis. Pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and epiglottitis I . Pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and epiglottitis II. Epistaxis. ENT epidemiology. Airway Obstruction I. Airway Obstruction II. Head and Neck tumours I. Head and neck tumours II. Congenital neck swellings. Acquired neck swellings. Sleep apnoea. ENT disorders. Answers. Index.


    Mukhtar Bizrah, Manaf Khatib