1st Edition

EU Development Policy and Poverty Reduction Enhancing Effectiveness

Edited By Wil Hout Copyright 2007

    This inspiring collection analyzes the contribution of EU development policy to poverty reduction. It focuses on various aspects of the policy - trade, agriculture and food security, and modes of policy making and implementation - and covers three geographical areas in relation to Europe - Latin America, Asia and Africa/Middle East. The volume concludes with practical recommendations for improving EU development policy with a view to enhancing its effectiveness.

    Chapter 1 Development Cooperation, Poverty Reduction and the European Union, Wil Hout; Part 1 Trade Policy, Regional Integration and Poverty; Chapter 2 Regional Integration and Poverty: How to Assess the Links?, Dirk Willem te Velde; Chapter 3 European Union Trade Policy and the Poor: Towards Improving the Poverty Impact of the GSP in Latin America, Christian Freres, Andrew Mold; Chapter 4 Trade Policy and Transport Costs: What can the EU do to Promote Export Growth in East Africa?, Oliver Morrissey; Part 2 Agriculture, Livelihoods and Food Security; Chapter 5 Agricultural Rehabilitation and Social Protection in Countries Emerging from Conflict, Catherine Longley, Ian Christoplos, Tom Slaymaker; Chapter 6 Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement: Development Impact and Implications for Future Policy, David J. Walker, Rick J. Hodges, Tiago Wandschneider; Chapter 7 The International Seafood Trade: Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods Among Poor Aquatic Resource Users in Asia, Graeme Macfadyen, Michael Phillips, Graham Haylor; Chapter 8 Poverty Alleviation in the Horticulture Sector: Insights From Uganda and Vietnam, Thom Achterbosch, André de Jager, Derek Eaton, Gerdien Meijerink, Siebe van Wijk; Chapter 9 Policies for Enhancing Food Security through Relevant Basic Education, Tom Vandenbosch, Tutui Nanok, Peter Taylor, Eric Tollens; Part 3 Modes of Policy Making and Implementation; Chapter 10 Creating Space for Civil Society in Policy Dialogue, Janice Giffen; Chapter 11 Cross-sector Partnerships in Southern Africa, Stuart Reid, Melanie Rein; Chapter 12 Contracting Health Services in Afghanistan: A Feasible Option to Reach the Poor?, Lesley Strong, Abdul Wali, Egbert Sondorp; Part 4 Conclusions; Chapter 13 EU Development Policy and Poverty Reduction: Conclusions and Recommendations, Wil Hout;


    Wil Hout is Associate Professor of World Development and Dean at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, The Netherlands.

    'In recent years both development theory and development policy have undergone major changes. This volume examines how these changes affect the development assistance provided by the EU - one of the main global actors in the field. Throughout a series of well documented case studies, the reader is presented with a critical assessment of EC/EU policy making and with a set of practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of EU development policy. As such it is a recommendable reading for policy makers and for scholars interested in how the EU as a regional formation aims to contribute to realising the Millennium Development Goals.' Luk Van Langenhove, United Nations University, Belgium