1st Edition

EU Enlargement and Referendums

Edited By Aleks Szczerbiak, Paul Taggart Copyright 2005
    ISBN 9780415568296
    240 Pages
    Published September 30, 2009 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415360074
    240 Pages
    Published July 12, 2005 by Routledge

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    A series of EU accession referendums were held in nine candidate countries, eight post-communist states and Malta, between March and September 2003. These referendums provide us with an excellent comparative opportunity to deepen our understanding of the European integration issue and how it interacts with domestic politics, and of the dynamics of referendums in general and referendums on the European issue in particular. This book therefore provides a set of focused comparisons between these different cases. Each of the individual chapters provides an authoritative analysis of the referendum campaign and outcome in each of the countries concerned by a leading specialist on the politics of that country.

    This book was previously published as a special issue of the journal West European Politics.

    1. The Politics of European Referendum Outcomes and Turnout: Two Models. Aleks Szczerbiak and Paul Taggart. 2. Culture, Institutions and Campaign Effects: Explaining the Outcome of Malta's EU Accession Referendum. Michelle Cini. 3. The Slovenian EU Accession Referendum: A Cat-and-Mouse Game. Alenka Krasovec and Damjan Lajh. 4. Hungary: Unpicking the Permissive Consensus. Brigid Fowler. 5. EU Accession and the New Slovak Consensus. Karen Henderson. 6. History Trumps Government Unpopularity: The June 2003 Polish EU Accession Referendum. Aleks Szczerbiak. 7. A Nation of Sceptics? The Czech EU Accession Referendum of 13-14 June 2003. Sean Hanley. 8. Clinching the 'Return to Europe': The Referendums on EU Accession in Estonia and Latvia. Evald Mikkel and Geoffrey Pridham. 9. Conclusion: Towards a Model of (European) Referendums. Aleks Szczerbiak and Paul Taggart.


    Aleks Szczerbiak is Senior Lecturer in contemporary European studies.

    Paul Taggart is Senior Lecturer in Politics, both at the Sussex European Institute, University of Sussex, UK.

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