EUREKA! : Physics of Particles, Matter and the Universe book cover
1st Edition

Physics of Particles, Matter and the Universe

ISBN 9780750304160
Published July 1, 1997 by CRC Press
226 Pages

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Book Description

This is an accessible introduction to the subject of physics, and how it underpins our understanding of the physical world today. Starting with an initial description of what physics represents from the micro- to the macroscopic, Roger Blin-Stoyle takes the reader on a tour of Newton's Laws, the nature of matter, explaining how the physical world works and how physics may affect our future understanding.
The treatment avoids detailed mathematics, and at all times relates the concepts introduced to the reader's everyday experience. The author makes effective use of simple, line drawings to illustrate the concepts introduced.
Topics are presented with clarity and precision. The author's enthusiasm for his subject, and his desire to make it comprehensible to the widest possible audience are evident. It is a good foundation for exploring the more exotic aspects of physics, as presented by, for example, Close, Davies and Hawking. Suggestions for further reading are included as an appendix.

Table of Contents

Preface. Understanding the World Around Us. Everyday Experience of Motion and Energy. The Nature and Behaviour of Matter. Everyday Experience of Electromagnetism. Quantum Physics and the Atom. Properties of Matter - Some Quantum Explanations. Einstein's Relativity Theory. The Atomic Nucleus. The Fundamental Constituents of Matter. Astrophysics and Cosmology. Reflections on Physics and Physicists. Glossary. Index.

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"I enjoyed reading this book - and being able to dip in and out at various points without losing the overall picture. It was particularly good to find clear and understandable explanations of the recent developments from quarks and the big bang to theories of everything."
-Post Sixteen Science Issues
"Roger Blin-Stoyle attempts to cover the whole of physics for a wide readership, ranging from school students to university teachers, not forgetting any members of the public who wish to know about the subject. But the target that he hits with unerring accuracy is probably the undergraduate who needs any overview of the whole of physics, or a school teacher who needs simple explanations of difficult concepts with everyday examples that are easy to visualize ... eminently enjoyable ... strongly recommended to physicists and non-physicists alike."
-Physics World
"...Roger Blin-Stoyle is not only a dedicated educationalist but also a distinguished physicist and Fellow of the Royal Society. Eureka! ... communicates his enthusiasm in 200 pages that range convincingly from everyday experience to cosmology and philosophy. The writing is always lucid, sometimes formal. Highly recommended for all you interested laypersons - and as an excellent overview for sixth-formers and students."
-New Scientist
"This remarkable book ... should be .. in the library ... teachers of sixth forms, and a few of their students would feel the book well worth the price as a compact review or reference text."
-School Science Review
"... a concise, authoritative, well written review of physics, in all of its branches from Newton to Hawking ... has a truly excellent glossary ..."
-Australian & New Zealand Physicist
"... sets out the basic ideas of physics in a readable style which will commend itself to the general reader, high-school students and non-scientists."
-ASLIB Book Guide