1st Edition

Early Adolescence Perspectives on Research, Policy, and Intervention

Edited By Richard M. Lerner Copyright 1993
    552 Pages
    by Routledge

    552 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This volume brings together a broad group of scholars from a diverse array of disciplines to write integratively about cutting-edge research issues pertinent to various facets of the study of early adolescence. All contributors speak to the idea of interdisciplinary integration as a means of advancing knowledge in particular focus areas of early adolescence; all approach their topic with an orientation to integrating levels of organization. In so doing, they testify to the importance of two interrelated integrations -- multidisciplinary and multiprofessional -- for furthering understanding of young adolescents.

    Contents: A.C. Peterson, Foreword. Preface. R.M. Lerner, Early Adolescence: Toward an Agenda for the Integration of Research, Policy, and Intervention. Part I: K.W. Allison, R.M. Lerner, Adolescents and the Family. K.W. Allison, R.M. Lerner, Introduction: Integrating Research, Policy, and Programs for Adolescents and Their Families. G.T. Cornwell, S.M. Curtis, The Demographic Context of U.S. Adolescence. K.W. Allison, Adolescents Living in "Nonfamily" and Alternative Settings. K.W. Allison, Y. Takei, Diversity: The Cultural Contexts of Adolescents and Their Families. A.C. Crouter, S.M. McHale, Familial Economic Circumstances: Implications for Adjustment and Development in Early Adolescence. L.J. Crockett, Early Adolescent Family Formation. J.W. Finkelstein, Familial Influences on Adolescent Health. Part II: L.V. Feagans, K. Bartsch, Early Adolescent Education. L.V. Feagans, K. Bartsch, Introduction: A Framework for Examining the Role of Schooling During Early Adolescence. K. Bartsch, Adolescents' Theoretical Thinking. J.S. Dubas, B.A. Snider, The Role of Community-Based Youth Groups in Enhancing Learning and Achievement Through Nonformal Education. Y. Takei, J.S. Dubas, Academic Achievement Among Early Adolescents: Social and Cultural Diversity. J. Myers, Curricular Designs That Resonate With Adolescents' Ways of Knowing. L.A. Forlizzi, Transferring Literacy Between the Classroom and Life: Metacognition, Personal Goals and Interests. J. Rutkowski, Music in the Lives of Adolescents: A Comparison of In-School and Out-of-School Music Experiences and Involvement. Part III: P.B. Koch, E.J. Susman, Health Promotion in Early Adolescence. P.B. Koch, D.W. Maney, E.J. Susman, Introduction: Health Promotion for Early Adolescents. E.J. Susman, P.B. Koch, D.W. Maney, J.W. Finkelstein, Health Promotion in Adolescence: Developmental and Theoretical Considerations. C.L. Achterberg, B. Shannon, Nutrition and Adolescence. F.W. Vondracek, Promoting Vocational Development in Early Adolescence. P.B. Koch, Promoting Healthy Sexual Development During Early Adolescence. Part IV: B.L. Barber, L.J. Crockett, Preventive Interventions in Early Adolescence. B.L. Barber, L.J. Crockett, Introduction: Preventive Interventions in Early Adolescence: Developmental and Contextual Challenges. B.L. Barber, L.J. Crockett, Pregnancy Prevention in Early Adolescence: A Developmental Perspective. K. Fennelly, Sexual Activity and Childbearing Among Hispanic Adolescents in the United States. A.R. D'Augelli, C.R. Bingham, Interventions to Prevent HIV Infections in Young Adolescents. J.D. Swisher, Early Adolescent Belief Systems and Substance Abuse. R.E. Kennedy, Depression as a Disorder of Social Relationships: Implications for School Policy and Prevention Programs. Part V: J.D. Williams, K. Frith, Adolescents and the Media. J.D. Williams, K. Frith, Introduction: Adolescents and the Media. K.P. Thompson, Media, Music, and Adolescents. M. Frith, K. Frith, Creating Meaning From Media Messages: Participatory Research and Adolescent Health. J.D. Williams, Minority Adolescents, Alcohol Consumption, and Media Effects: A Review of Issues and Research. Part VI: B. Mandel, W. Schutjer, Research, Policy, and Programs: Toward an Integrated Approach. B. Mandel, W. Schutjer, Introduction: Research, Policy, and Programs: What Works in Today's Society. R. Takanishi, An Agenda for the Integration of Research and Policy During Early Adolescence. P.L. Best, Integrating Research, Policy, and Practice: One School District's Approach to Improving Middle-Level Education. B.A. Snider, J.P. Miller, The Land-Grant University System and 4-H: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Scholars and Practitioners in Youth Development.


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    "...comprehensive in its scope, up-to-date in its coverage and readily accessible in its presentation and style....this book will be an especially helpful resource for those practitioners, program developers and policy makers who are seeking brief summaries of the scientific literature on early adolescence....even most experts will be able to find new information and useful bibliographic leads."
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