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Early Modern Court Culture

Early Modern Court Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Erin Griffey
February 09, 2022

Through a thematic overview of court culture that connects the cultural with the political, confessional, spatial, material and performative, this volume introduces the dynamics of power and culture in the early modern European court. Exploring the period from 1500 to 1750, Early Modern Court ...

Early Modern Things Objects and their Histories, 1500-1800

Early Modern Things: Objects and their Histories, 1500-1800

2nd Edition

Edited By Paula Findlen
March 02, 2021

Early Modern Things supplies fresh and provocative insights into how objects – ordinary and extraordinary, secular and sacred, natural and man-made – came to define some of the key developments of the early modern world. Now in its second edition, this book taps a rich vein of recent scholarship to...

Early Modern Childhood An Introduction

Early Modern Childhood: An Introduction

1st Edition

Edited By Anna French
October 21, 2019

Early Modern Childhood is a detailed and accessible introduction to childhood in the early modern period, which guides students through every part of childhood from infancy to youth and places the early modern child within the broader social context of the period. Drawing on the work of recent ...

Early Modern Emotions An Introduction

Early Modern Emotions: An Introduction

1st Edition

Edited By Susan Broomhall
January 13, 2017

Early Modern Emotions is a student-friendly introduction to the concepts, approaches and sources used to study emotions in early modern Europe, and to the perspectives that analysis of the history of emotions can offer early modern studies more broadly. The volume is divided into four sections ...

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