1st Edition

Early Psychological Research Contributions from Women of Color, Volume 2

Edited By Rihana Shiri Mason, Jon Grahe, Michelle Ceynar Copyright 2025
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume serves as a companion to Early Psychological Research Contributions from Women of Color Volume I (Grahe, Ceynar, & Mason, 2023). It focuses on the dissertations of 20 builders-women of color who earned their doctoral degrees in psychology prior to 1990 and who were builders in the field through her leadership or innovation.
    The first chapter bridges the two volumes. Each subsequent chapter summarizes and examines a dissertation using a consistent format including: a biographical sketch of the builder with an emphasis on her significant contribution to an organization or innovation that moved the field forward, a summary of the dissertation, a reproducibility critique of the dissertation, an alternative framework section which analyzes the dissertation from a modern theoretical perspective or methodological approach (e.g., feminist theory, liberation psychology, mestiza consciousness, etc.).
    The topics cover the breadth of the discipline of psychology including physiological, cognitive, developmental, social, clinical. Some topics are also relevant to business, education, medicine, and social work. The varying nature of these dissertations allows the book to be used to augment coursework either as a complete collection or as individual chapters.
    This volume is intended for both instructors and students. The course activities provide examples of how to integrate key aspects of the dissertation research into the classroom. The volume was written with upper level undergraduate students in mind so that it could be used across the psychology curriculum, but the editors envision this book as a potential graduate level text as well.


    Builders and Leaders in Psychology Who Were Women of Color Who Earned Their Doctorate Before 1990.
    Rihana S. Mason, Michelle L. Ceynar & Jon Grahe

    Chapter 1.
    Dr. Margaret Beale Spencer: Ground Breaking Theorist and Thought Leader
    Carey Borkoski, Cheryl Talley, Victoria Davis & Tonya Satchell

    Chapter 2.
    Dr. Jessica Henderson Daniel: Mentor, Activist, and Inspiration
    Cydnee Patterson & Erin McClure Fastzkie

    Chapter 3.
    Dr. Jeanette Altarriba: Expert in Bilingual Language Processing
    Lisa Bauer & Karenna Malavanti

    Chapter 4.
    Dr. Reiko Homma True: An Advocate and Leader for Asian Mental Health
    Marissa Ferry & Laura Ong

    Chapter 5.
    Dr. Janis Sanchez-Hucles: Black Students and College Choice
    Jennifer Friday

    Chapter 6.
    Dr. Bertha LaConyea Butler: Framework for Effects of Counseling on Academic Performance
    Natalie Haslem

    Chapter 7.
    Dr. Vonnie C. McLoyd: Conducting Seminal Developmental Research in Black Psychology
    Teru Toyokawa

    Chapter 8.
    Dr. Christine Iijima Hall: Advancing Mixed-Race Studies
    Andrea M. Karkowski

    Chapter 9.
    Dr. Harriette Pipes McAdoo: A Champion of Black Children and Families
    Alison Kelly & Jenna Laurin

    Chapter 10.
    Dr. Ruby Takanishi: Equity for Children from Kauai to Washington DC
    Inna Kanevsky & Dina Miyoshi

    Chapter 11.
    Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham Davis: Life, Work, and a Remarkable Legacy
    Ecclesia Savage,William Douglas Woody & Shawnell Pace

    Chapter 12.
    Dr. Oliva Espín: Novel Research on Feminism in the Context of U.S. and Latin American Women
    Claudia Mejia & Taylor Loskot

    Chapter 13.
    Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Dr. Patricia Arredondo’s Trailblazing Work with Immigrant Youth in Psychology
    Brooke Rappaport & Lucia Quezada

    Chapter 14.
    Dr. Mae Belle Claytor: Researcher, Educator, and African American Leader
    Lauren Ryan & Danielle Rynczak

    Chapter 15.
    Dr. Janet Helms: A Leader in Applied Counseling and Cross-Cultural Research
    Kylie Gallo & Taylor Coats

    Chapter 16.
    Dr. Mahzarin Banaji: Transformational Theorist, Leader, and Mentor
    Jon Grahe & Michelle L. Ceynar

    Chapter 17.
    Dr. May Pao-May Tung: Exploring Symbolic Meanings of the Body in Chinese Culture
    Catherine Chou & Na Li

    Chapter 18.
    Dr. Leora Echohawk: Scholarly Journey and Contributions in Psychology, Indigenization, and Classroom Utility
    Tushar Singh & Mittal Shalini

    Chapter 19.
    Dr. Estefanía Aldaba-Lim: The First Filipina to Earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology in the United States
    Amanda ElBassiouny

    Chapter 20.
    Dr. Glorisa Canino: Social Justice Advocate and the First Federal Grant Awardee at the University of Puerto Rico
    Arielle Flint, Jessica McKinley, Lisette Munoz, Jazsmine Towner & Eric D. Wesselman


    Rihana S. Mason, PhD is a research scientist at the Urban Child Study Center in the College of Education and Human Development at Georgia State University, USA. She is affiliated with the HBCU Stem Undergraduate Success Research Center at Morehouse College. Dr. Mason conducts culturally relevant psychological research and program evaluation.

    Jon Grahe, PhD is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, USA. He completed his dissertation in experimental psychology at the University of Toledo. He previously served as President of Psi Chi and of Western Psychological Association and as Editor for the Journal of Social Psychology.

    Michelle Ceynar, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, USA. She earned her MA and PhD in social psychology from the University of Montana. Her research interests are related to how gender impacts perceptions of and behavior toward others.

    "No history of psychology would be complete without a recognition of the contributions of these trailblazing women of color.  We stand on their shoulders and should know their names! Kudos to the authors for sharing their stories in such a classroom-friendly way, suitable for use in research methods and other foundational psychology courses".

    Beverly Tatum, Ph.D., President Emerita, Spelman College

    "What an absolute treasure! Early Psychological Research Contributions from Women of Color: Volume 2 provides an amazing spotlight on the trailblazing accomplishments of some of the first women of color to become psychologists in this country. The editors have brought together impressive scholars to summarize and highlight the dissertations of awe-inspiring researchers in this splendid book. It is the second of a compilation of research that encompasses a diversity of topics related to culture, race, gender, achievement, equity, social justice, and many other compelling topics of interest by some of our most powerful, beloved pioneers in psychology. I strongly recommend this highly valuable contribution".

    Melba Vasquez, Ph.D., ABPP, Independent Practice, Austin, TX, Former President, American Psychological Association