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Early Sources in Economics

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Early Sources in Economics makes available a wide range of significant economics texts, including many which have been overlooked because they predate The Wealth of Nations. The series focuses in particular on the major subjects which animated the classical economists and which were seen as the levers of long-term economic growth. In particular, this series benefits from being re-typeset as this makes it possible to include texts which cannot be photo-offset.

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Free Trade: 1793-1886

Free Trade: 1793-1886

1st Edition

By Lars Magnusson
April 07, 1997

Trade is the dominant subject in nineteenth century economics. During the course of the century, Britain was transformed from a protectionist power to an open economy, a change embodied by the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846. This is reflected in the economic literature of the period, with the ...

Monetary Theory: 1601-1758

Monetary Theory: 1601-1758

1st Edition

By Antoin Murphy
January 17, 1997

This represents the first comprehensive edition of the writings of the earliest pioneers of monetary theory. It includes material by Sir William Petty, John Locke, Richard Cantillon and David Hume....

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