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Early Sources in Reference

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This series examines the textual history of both well and lesser-known reference works. Tracing the advances made in the compilation of reference material, the series gives an intriguing historical background to some of the most successful reference projects.

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Encyclopaedia Britannica, or a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences

Encyclopaedia Britannica, or a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences

1st Edition

By Various Authors
January 31, 1997

The Encyclopaedia Britannica was the first English-language compendium to be called an encyclopaedia. It was compiled on a completely new plan, alphabetically arranged, combining easy reference to individual items, terms and minor topics, pioneering a new way to organize and disseminate learning. ...

Bibliotheca Britannica

Bibliotheca Britannica

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Watt
July 24, 1996

The Bibliotheca Britannica is one of the most remarkable examples of bibliographical scholarship in the English Language. This scarce work of reference continues to be an invaluable resource for scholars and librarians who wish to identify early printed materials covering a wide range of ...

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