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Earth Observation of Global Changes

About the Series

Earth Observation of Global Changes is an indispensable tool to help understand the current problems and challenges related to climate alterations, natural hazards, biodiversity, water resources and other critical phenomena at different spatial scales, from local to global. Images acquired by EO satellites provide a synoptic and repetitive inspection on the state of natural resources. Sensor systems acquire images from different spectral bands (visible, near, medium and thermal infrared and microwave), with a wide range of spatial resolutions (from 1 m to 3 km pixel size), and at different temporal intervals (from 15 min to several weeks). This information can be integrated into geographical databases and provide an ideal scenario for spatial planning at different spatial scales.

This book series summarizes existing knowledge on the main Essential Climate Variables and explains some of the key variables involved in planetary changes. Each book will discuss one of those variables, its importance in global processes and the way it is modelled. Also, it will review the satellite systems suitable for that variable, and the techniques and results obtained from the sensors. Some important variables for dedicated books are: Clouds – Aerosols – Ozone - Green House Gases - Water and Land Temperature - Ocean Height - Wind Flows - Snow and Ice - Land Cover - Carbon Budgets and Deforestation - Ecosystem Services - Fire Disturbances - Water Quality - Land Degradation - Urban Growth – etc.

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Satellite Altimetry Over Oceans and Land Surfaces

Satellite Altimetry Over Oceans and Land Surfaces

1st Edition

Edited By Detlef Stammer, Anny Cazenave
November 22, 2017

Satellite remote sensing, in particular by radar altimetry, is a crucial technique for observations of the ocean surface and of many aspects of land surfaces, and of paramount importance for climate and environmental studies. This book provides a state-of-the-art overview of the satellite altimetry...

Earth Observation of Ecosystem Services

Earth Observation of Ecosystem Services

1st Edition

Edited By Domingo Alcaraz-Segura, Carlos Marcelo Di Bella, Julieta Veronica Straschnoy
October 12, 2017

A balanced review of differing approaches based on remote sensing tools and methods to assess and monitor biodiversity, carbon and water cycles, and the energy balance of terrestrial ecosystem. Earth Observation of Ecosystem Services highlights the advantages Earth observation technologies offer ...

Global Forest Monitoring from Earth Observation

Global Forest Monitoring from Earth Observation

1st Edition

Edited By Frederic Achard, Matthew C. Hansen
April 16, 2017

Forests provide a large range of beneficial services, including tangible ones such as timber and recreation, and intangible services such as climate regulation, biodiversity, and watershed protection. On the other hand, forests can also be considered roadblocks to progress that occupy space more ...

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