2nd Edition

Earth Summit 2002 A New Deal

Edited By Felix Dodds Copyright 2000

    'As we start the preparations for the Earth Summit in 2002, 10 years from Rio and 30 years from Stockholm, we need to set targets and dates that are realistic to deliver the change that is needed. There will also need to be a debate on the international machinery to achieve what we want, and 2002 will be significant in setting out the direction. This book has drawn in some of the key people who are working to make 2002 a significant event' FROM THE FOREWORD BY KLAUS TOPFER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME AND CENTRE FOR HUMAN SETTLEMENTS At the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, world leaders adopted a comprehensive programme of action for implementing sustainable development worldwide. As preparations for Earth Summit 2002 proceed, leading players from around the world present a frank assessment of progress to date. They set goals and describe mechanisms that will enable the international community to complete the tasks set in Rio and prepare for new challenges and opportunities. This book will be a catalyst for the public and political momentum required to push forward the global sustainable development agenda.

    Dedication List of Figures, Tables and Boxes List of Contributors Foreword: From Rio to Earth Summit 2002 by Klaus Töpfer Introduction by Derek Osborn Preface to the Revised Edition by Felix Dodds PART I: ROADBLOCKS TO IMPLEMENTING AGENDA 21 AND HOW TO OVERCOME THEM 1 Roadblocks to Agenda 21: A Government Perspective 2 Implementing Agenda 21: A United Nations Perspective 3 Who is Aware of Agenda 21? Missing Conditions: Three Major Barriers 4 Agenda 21 and the Role of Local Government 5 Workroom versus Boardroom Approaches to Sustainable Development: Reversing the Downward Spiral 6 Women and Sustainable Development: From 2000 to 2002 PART II: A NEW CHARTER 7 A People’s Earth Charter PART III: OVERRIDING CONCERNS 8 International Forest Initiatives 9 A Sustainable Transport Convention for the New Europe 10 Poverty and the Environment 11 Financial Resources for the Transition to Sustainable Development 12 Trade, Investment and Sustainable Developmen 13 Civil Society, Business and Sustainable Development: Regulating (almost) Without the Regulation PART IV: EMERGING ISSUES 14 Environment and Security 15 Cities and the Culture of Sustainability 16 Tourism and the Commission on Sustainable Development 17 Sustainable Tourism: A Southern Perspective 18 The Titanic Transnationals: Corporate Accountability and Responsibility 19 Getting Health in a Handbasket 20 Our Common Future and Ten Years after Rio: How Far Have We Come and Where Should We be Going? 21 Sustainable Consumption and Production 22 Fish Forever 23 Freshwater: A Global Crisis of Water Security and Basic Water Provision 24 Energy: Fuel for Sustainable Development PART V: OVERVIEW 25 Reforming the International Institutions Appendix 1 – List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Appendix 2 – Addresses of Contributors Appendix 3 – UNED Forum


    Felix Dodds is Executive Director of the United Nations Environment and Development Forum. Toby Middleton is International Communications Coordinator for UNED Forum's Towards Earth Summit 2002 project.

    'An extraordinary review of a complex and evolving dilemma.' 'If the first Earth Summit was high on idealism but low on practicality, Earth Summit 2002 threatens to reverse the pattern. This vital pre-summit reader manages to combine the highest and best of both.' David Boyle, New Economics Foundation 'It is an incredibly useful resource for teaching and research, both in terms of the range of valuable information and the visions for sustainable development laid out within its pages. Compared to much academic literature, a spirit of unapologetic realism can be found in most of the chapters.' Environmental Politics 'This is quite a technical book but for all who value the future of our fragile world, a necessary study.' City To Cities, Issue 15, April/May 2002