Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering for Protection and Development of Environment and Constructions : Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, (ICEGE 2019), June 17-20, 2019, Rome, Italy book cover
1st Edition

Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering for Protection and Development of Environment and Constructions
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, (ICEGE 2019), June 17-20, 2019, Rome, Italy

ISBN 9780429031274
Published October 22, 2019 by CRC Press
5998 Pages

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Book Description

Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering for Protection and Development of Environment and Constructions contains invited, keynote and theme lectures and regular papers presented at the 7th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (Rome, Italy, 17-20 June 2019. The contributions deal with recent developments and advancements as well as case histories, field monitoring, experimental characterization, physical and analytical modelling, and applications related to the variety of environmental phenomena induced by earthquakes in soils and their effects on engineered systems interacting with them. The book is divided in the sections below:

  • Invited papers
  • Keynote papers
  • Theme lectures
  • Special Session on Large Scale Testing
  • Special Session on Liquefact Projects
  • Special Session on Lessons learned from recent earthquakes
  • Special Session on the Central Italy earthquake
  • Regular papers

Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering for Protection and Development of Environment and Constructions provides a significant up-to-date collection of recent experiences and developments, and aims at engineers, geologists and seismologists, consultants, public and private contractors, local national and international authorities, and to all those involved in research and practice related to Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering.

Table of Contents

Special Lectures

Ishihara Lecture

Summarizing geotechnical activities after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake of Japan 3

I. Towhata

Young Research Award Lecture

Structure-soil-structure interaction in changing urban areas 35

J.A. Knappett, S. Qi, A. Mubarak, M. Licciardello, P. Madden, K. Caucis, K. Bailey,

E. Ukatu & G. Kampas

Keynote Lectures

Applications of non-ergodic site response in ground motion modeling 51

J.P. Stewart, P. Wang, D.P. Teague & A. Vecchietti

Foundation–structure systems subjected to faulting-induced deformation: numerical and

physical modelling, design methods, mitigation techniques 71

I. Anastasopoulos & A. Agalianos

Multiple-liquefaction behavior of sands in shaking table tests and cyclic stacked-ring shear

tests 87

J. Koseki, Y. Aoyagi, T. Morimoto, S. Wahyudi, J. Teparaksa & M.S. Iqbal

Dynamic centrifuge tests for soil-foundation-structure interaction problems: disconnected

piled raft (DPR) 105

D.S. Kim, K.W. Ko, S. Manandhar, H.J. Park & J.G. Ha

Calibration of a constitutive model for the cyclic loading responses of Fraser River Delta Silt 121

R.W. Boulanger & D. Wijewickreme

Next generation reduced order models for soil-structure interaction 138

D. Asimaki, J. Garcia-Suarez, D. Kusanovic, K. Nguyen & E. Esmaeilzadeh Seylabi

Uncertainties and variabilities in seismic ground response analyses 153

S. Foti, F. Passeri & A. Rodriguez-Marek

The use of numerical analysis in the interpretation of liquefaction case histories 173

S.L. Kramer & M.W. Greenfield

Key aspects in the engineering assessment of soil liquefaction 189

M. Cubrinovski, N. Ntritsos, R. Dhakal & A. Rhodes

Probabilistic assessment of the earthquake-induced displacements of a slope using finite

element analysis 209

E.M. Rathje & Y. Cho

Modeling of soil-structure interaction for reinforced breakwater foundation subjected to

earthquake and tsunami loading 221

H. Hazarika, B. Chaudhary, A. Nozu, E. Kohama , K. Suzuki, A. Murakami & K. Fujisawa

On the seismic design of displacing earth retaining systems 239

L. Callisto

Lateral and seismic responses of composite caisson-pile foundations 256

M. Huang, X. Gu, W. Tu, C. Zhang & R. Zhong

Development of the second generation of Eurocode 8 – Part 5: a move towards performancebased

design 273

A. Pecker

Vulnerability assessment of buildings exposed to seismically-induced landslides, liquefaction

and tsunamis 282

K. Pitilakis, S. Fotopoulou & S. Karafagka

Theme Lectures

Lessons on PSHA and site response analyses learned from recent infrastructure projects

worldwide 301

E. Faccioli & K. Hashemi

Site characterization of strong motion stations based on borehole and surface geophysical

techniques 318

H. Kawase

Observations on the response of natural fine-grained soils with respect to particle fabric 335

D. Wijewickreme, A. Soysa & P. Verma

Assessment of seismic behavior of deep foundations from large-scale liquefaction shake table

experiments 353

A. Ebeido & A. Elgamal

Characterization of loess deposits relevant to seismic landslides, liquefaction and seismic

subsidence 369

L. Wang, X. Pu & J. Chen

Modeling the cyclic response of sands for liquefaction analysis 385

M.T. Manzari, M.A. El Ghoraiby, B.L. Kutter & M. Zeghal

Modelling liquefaction effects – From lateral spreading to soil-structure interaction 397

P. Arduino & A. Ghofrani

Microzonation with respect to ground shaking intensity 410

A. Ansal, G. Tönük & A. Kurtuluş

An engineering perspective on topography and valley effects on seismic ground motion 426

A. Papadimitriou

Field and laboratory assessment of liquefaction potential of crushable volcanic soils 442

R.P. Orense, M.S. Asadi, M.B. Asadi, M.J. Pender & M.E. Stringer

Physics-informed and semi-empirical probabilistic models for structure’s average and

differential settlement on liquefiable ground with extensions to regional analysis 461

Z. Bullock, S. Dashti, A. Liel, K. Porter, K.W. Franke & Z. Karimi

Effectiveness of vertical drains to prevent occurrence of liquefaction and settlement 477

M. Okamura, U.S. Minaka & K. Ono

Seismically induced failure of rock slopes: insights from field observations and analytical

modeling 491

J. Wartman, M. Gibson, A. Grant, L. Arnold, C. Massey, M.J. Olsen, M. McLaughlin &

D. Keefer

Hydrodynamic effects and hydro-mechanical coupling in the seismic response of dams 506

S. Kontoe, L. Zdravković, B. Han & L. Pelecanos

Performance of Ordinary and Geosynthetic Encased Stone Columns as seismic

reinforcement of soft clayey soils 522

E. Guler & C. Cengiz

Insights from advanced numerical modelling into the pseudo-static design of gravity

retaining walls 535

M.J. Pender & A. Kamalzadeh

Analysis of buried oil and gas pipelines crossing active faults: revisiting pipe-ground

interaction 550

G. Kouretzis & G. Bouckovalas

Influence of earthquake-induced excess pore water pressures on seismic bearing capacity of

shallow foundations 556

E. Cascone, G. Biondi & O. Casablanca

Physical modelling of dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction 582

S.P.G. Madabhushi

Earth dams: damage mechanisms and limit states in seismic conditions 600

L. Pagano, C. Russo, S. Sica & R.M. Costigliola

Special Session: Large-scale field testing for Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

Theme Lecture

Field studies of the natural and built environments using large mobile shakers 619

K.H. Stokoe, S. Hwang, B.R. Cox, F.Y. Menq, J.N. Roberts & K. Park

Invited papers

Instrumentation and calibration protocols for deep, in-situ liquefaction testing with

controlled blasting 637

A.W. Stuedlein, A. Jana, A.M. Donaldson, J.J. Batti & T.M. Evans

Full-scale blast liquefaction testing in Arkansas USA to evaluate pile downdrag and neutral

plane concepts 648

L.I. Kevan, K.M. Rollins, R.A. Coffman & E. Ishimwe

Full-scale testing of liquefaction mitigation using rammed aggregate piers in silty sands 656

S. Amoroso, K.M. Rollins, P. Andersen, G. Gottardi, L. Tonni, M.F. García Martínez,

K. Wissmann & L. Minarelli

Large-scale field testing of resin injection as a ground improvement method for mitigation of

seismic liquefaction 664

F.J. Wentz, N. Traylen & T. Hnat

Snap-back response of driven steel tube and screw piles in stiff clay 673

M.J. Pender, L.S.Hogan & L. Wotherspoon

Soil mass participation in soil-structure interaction by field experiments in EuroProteas 681

A. Vratsikidis & D. Pitilakis

Special Session: The LIQUEFACT Project

Assessment and mitigation of liquefaction potential across Europe

Invited papers

Mapping the liquefaction hazard at different geographical scales 691

C.G. Lai, D. Conca, A. Famà, Ali G. Özcebe, E. Zuccolo, F. Bozzoni, C. Meisina, R. Bonì,

V. Poggi & R.M. Cosentini

Evaluation of system response and liquefaction damage assessment tools applied to

Adapazari cases in Kocaeli 1999 Earthquake 705

S. Oztoprak, C. Oser, S. Sargin, I. Bozbey, N. Aysal, F. Ozcep, M.K. Kelesoglu & M.


Soil-foundation modelling for vulnerability assessment of buildings in liquefied soils 717

M. Millen, J. Quintero, F. Panico, N. Pereira, X. Romao & A. Viana da Fonseca

Centrifuge modelling in liquefiable ground before and after the application of remediation

techniques 727

V. Fioravante, D. Giretti, J. Moglie, E. Bilotta, G. Fasano, A. Flora & V. Nappa

Field tests to assess the effectiveness of ground improvement for liquefaction mitigation 740

A. Flora, A. Chiaradonna, E. Bilotta, G. Fasano, L. Mele, S. Lirer, L. Pingue & F. Fanti

A high-performance computational platform to assess liquefaction-induced damage at

critical structures and infrastructures 753

A. Meslem, H. Iversen, D.H. Lang, T. Kaschwich & L.S. Drange

Liquefaction risk assessment: lesson learned from a case study 761

G. Modoni, R.L. Spacagna, L. Paolella, E. Salvatore, A. Rasulo & L. Martelli

Special Session: Lessons learned from recent earthquakes

Theme lecture

Earthquake geotechnical engineering reconnaissance methods and advances 777

J.D. Bray, J.D. Frost, E.M. Rathje & F.E. Garcia

Invited papers

Lessons learned from the 2016 Mw 7.8 Muisne-Ecuador earthquake 793

R. Verdugo & F.A. Ochoa-Cornejo

Liquefaction case histories after the 2016 megathrust Pedernales earthquake in Ecuador 805

X.F. Vera-Grunauer, S. Lopez-Zhindon, J. Ordoñez-Rendon & M.A. Chavez-Abril

Investigations on mechanism of landslides during the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, Japan 821

H. Hazarika, W.O. Sumartini, T. Kokusho, Y. Kochi, S. Ishibashi, S. Yamamoto &

D. Matsumoto

Key findings and observations following the September 19th, 2017 Mw 7.1 Puebla-Mexico

City earthquake 833

J.M. Mayoral, A. Roman, D. De La Rosa, M. Alcaraz & R. Rivas

Geotechnical damage by liquefaction-induced failure during 2018 Hokkaido Iburi-East

Earthquake 845

T. Kokusho, H. Hazarika & T. Ishizawa

Overview of the 2018 Palu Earthquake 857

A. Sahadewa, M. Irsyam, R. Hanifa, R. Mikhail, Astyka Pamumpuni, R. Nazir, S. Pramono,

A. Sabaruddin, L. Faizal, M. Ridwan, A. Himawan, P. Simatupang, I.M. Alatas,

D.S. Harninto, D. Djarwadi, A. Kartawiria, M. Djunaidy, I. Suhendra, A. Kawanda &

Y. Widod

Special Session: The 2016-2017 earthquake sequence in Central Italy

Insights and challenges from reconnaissance activities and microzonation studies

Invited papers

Active faulting and seismotectonics in central Italy: lesson learned from the past 20 years of

seismicity. Engineering clues 873

S. Gori, I. Munafò, E. Falcucci, M. Moro, M. Saroli, L. Malagnini & F. Galadini

Strong ground motion characteristics of 2016 Central Italy earthquakes and implications for

ground motion modeling 889

P. Zimmaro, J.P. Stewart, G. Scasserra, T. Kishida & G. Tropeano

Effects of the Central Italy 2016 seismic sequence on slope stability: preliminary analysis of

some major rock slides 901

P. Tommasi, A. Di Giulio, A. Santo, G. Forte, M. De Falco, L. Verrucci, G. Lanzo,

T. Rotonda & K.W. Franke

Usability and damage assessment of public buildings and churches after the 2016 Central

Italy earthquake: the ReLUIS experience 915

M. Di Ludovico, G. De Martino, A. Santoro, A. Prota, G. Manfredi, C. Calderini, C. Carocci,

F. da Porto, A. Dall’Asta, S. De Santis, G. Fiorentino, A. Digrisolo, M. Dolce, C. Moroni,

B. Ferracuti, D. Ferretti, F. Graziotti, A. Penna, A. Mannella & A. Mari

The Italian policy for Seismic Microzonation 925

M. Dolce, F. Bramerini, S. Castenetto & Naso G.

Overview of the Seismic Microzonation Project: the role of the Italian scientific community 938

D. Albarello, M. Moscatelli & G. Scarascia Mugnozza

The subsoil model for seismic microzonation study: the interplay between geology,

geophysics and geotechnical engineering 948

S. Catalano, S. Grassi, S. Imposa, G. Tortorici, G. Cavuoto, V. Di Fiore, G.A. Alleanza,

A. Chiaradonna, F. de Silva, A. d’Onofrio, F. Silvestri & G. Romagnoli

Site response analyses for seismic microzonation: case-histories, results and applications in

Central Italy 960

A. Pagliaroli, I. Gaudiosi, R. Razzano, S. Giallini, F. de Silva, A. Chiaradonna,

A. Ciancimino & S. Foti

Regular papers

Dynamic behaviour of a coupled soil-structure system by means of FEM analyses finalized

to the seismic risk mitigation of a school in Catania (Italy) 977

G. Abate, S. Corsico & S. Grasso

Behaviour of coupled tunnel-soil-aboveground building systems in seismic conditions

evaluated by means of parametric analyses 985

G. Abate, S. Corsico & M.R. Massimino

Effects of partial drainage on the response of Hostun sand: an experimental investigation at

element level 993

O. Adamidis, U. Sinan & I. Anastasopoulos

Comparative study of liquefaction and post-liquefaction properties of original and

reconstituted soil of a hydraulic fill sampled from a specific reclaimed site 1001

S. Addou, A. Kamura, M. Kazama & J. Kim

On the stability of slender rock blocks subjected to horizontal and vertical seismic

accelerations 1009

M. Adinolfi, R.M.S. Maiorano & S. Aversa

Stochastic analysis of seismic ground response for the verification of standard simplified

approaches 1018

M. Aimar, A. Ciancimino & S. Foti

Shaking table test on seismic performance of geogrid reinforced soil wall 1026

A.A. Ajuda, J. Kuwano, S. Takamine & K. Yasukawa

Deep soil mixing design under seismic conditions – a case study 1034

Ö. Akçakal, B. Koçak, N. Velioğlu, H.F. Kulaç & H.T. Durgunoğlu

Seismic induced liquefaction of cemented paste backfill: effect of mixing water 1042

I. Alainachi & M. Fall

A case study of stone column ground improvement performance during a sequence of

seismic events 1050

G.J. Alexander, J. Arefi, L. Wotherspoon, A.C. Stolte, B.R. Cox, R.A. Green &

C.M. Wood

Coupled FE seismic analysis of a zoned earth dam 1058

D. Aliberti, G. Biondi, E. Cascone & C. di Prisco

Performance indexes for seismic analyses of earth dams 1066

D. Aliberti, G. Biondi, E. Cascone & S. Rampello

Seismic microzonation of an alluvial valley hit by the 2016 Central Italy earthquake 1074

G.A. Alleanza, A. d’Onofrio, F. Silvestri, S. Catalano, G. Tortorici, A. Chiaradonna,

F. de Silva & G. Romagnoli

Parametric study on 2D effect on the seismic response of alluvial valleys 1082

G.A. Alleanza, A. d’Onofrio, F. Silvestri & A. Chiaradonna

The effects of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) slag on engineering characteristics of clayey

soil as an earthquake resistant material 1090

S. Altun, M. Mahmudi, T. Eskisar, E. Karakan & A.B. Goktepe

A numerical study on the dynamic response of scrap tire chips-sand mixture under

undrained condition 1098

A.S. Amanta & S.M. Dasaka

Insight into the post-liquefaction behaviour of skirted foundations 1106

R. Amini Ahidashti, A. Barari & A. Haddad

Seismic induced landslides in sand: a numerical approach 1114

A. Amorosi, F. Rollo & E. Lilliu

The Over-prediction of Liquefaction in Alluvially Deposited Volcanic Sediments 1122

D. Anderson, K.W. Franke, S. Dashti, M. Badanagki & R. Kayen

Measuring the improvements in synthetic seismograms using four generations of velocity

models 1130

J.G. Anderson & H. Kawase

A calibration procedure for sand plasticity modeling in earthquake engineering:

application to TA-GER, UBCSAND and PM4SAND 1138

M. Anthi & N. Gerolymos

SH1 realignment – a numerical study on fault rupture – seawall interaction 1146

I.K. Antonopoulos & S. Sadeghifard

SH1 realignment – performance-based design of MSEW seawalls 1154

I.K. Antonopoulos & C. McDermott

Some considerations about vertical ground motions modelling in earthquake engineering 1162

L.P. Argani & P. Kowalczyk

Identification of seismically-induced rock-slope failure mechanisms using the

discrete element method 1170

L. Arnold, J. Wartman, D. Keefer & M. MacLaughlin

Reconstructing mechanism of large ground movement induced by 2018 Palu Earthquake

7.4 Mw 1178

A. Arsyad, L. Samang, T. Harianto, A.B. Muhiddin, A.R. Djamaluddin & S. Aswad

Liquefaction assessment of pumiceous sand with shear wave velocity approach 1186

M.B. Asadi, R.P. Orense, M.S. Asadi & M.J. Pender

Importance of revisiting (Vs)30 site class index, Sarpol-e-zahab Mw=7.3 earthquake 1194

I. Ashayeri, M. Biglari, A. Sadr & E. Haghshenas

Induced partial saturation for liquefaction mitigation by bio-gas bubbles nucleation 1204

G. Astuto, E. Bilotta, A. Flora, F. Carraturo & M. Guida

Earthquake performance and characterization of gravel-size earthfills in the ports of

Cephalonia, Greece, following the 2014 Earthquakes 1212

A. Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, D. Zekkos, K.M. Rollins, J. Hubler, J. Higbee & A. Platis

The effect of waste rock inclusions on the seismic stability of a tailings impoundment 1220

M. Aubertin, A. Jahanbakhshzadeh & S. Yniesta

Spatial distribution of landslides triggered by the 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence 1228

E. Ausilio, F. Silvestri, G. Tropeano & P. Zimmaro

Three-dimensional nonlinear amplification of Kathmandu basin sediments during the 2015

7.8 Gorkha earthquake 1236

P. Ayoubi, D. Asimaki, M. Stupazzini & I. Mazzieri

1-g shaking table test study of the impact of repeated liquefactions 1244

E. Baboz, K. Watanabe & J. Koseki

A study of a liquefaction hazard map on groundwater levels and various ground

accelerations in the Republic of Korea 1252

W.H. Baek, J.K. Ahn, & J.S. Choi

On the distribution of site amplification factors 1260

M. Bahrampouri, A. Rodriguez-Marek & T. Shing Thum

Development of smooth surface response spectra for the Intra and Inter plate region of India 1265

K. Bajaj & Prof. Dr. Anbazhagan

Natural frequency of a cantilever retaining wall and its seismic stability 1273

J. Bakr, S.M. Ahmad & D. Lombardi

Evaluation of strain dependent shear modulus and damping ratio of unsaturated silty soil

during drying path with resonant-column-torsional shear 1281

S. Banar, S.M. Haeri, A. Khosravi & M. Khosravi

The shaking table with laminar box of the University of Messina 1289

V. Bandini, E. Cascone, G. Biondi, G. Di Filippo, S. Ingegneri, O. Casablanca, D. Aliberti &

F. Genovese

Computational fluid dynamics-based modeling of liquefied soils 1297

S. Banerjee, J. Chen, D.L. Hitt, M.M. Dewoolkar & S.M. Olson

Comparing depth-to-bedrock and fundamental-frequencies as supplement proxies to VS30 in

site response evaluation 1305

A. Baram, R. Kamai & G. Yagoda-Biran

A non-parametric approach to site- and soil-specific probabilistic seismic hazard analysis 1312

S. Barani, D. Spallarossa, F. Pacor, C. Felicetta, S.R. Kotha, D. Bindi, F. Cotton &

P. Bazzurro

Rock concerts and soccer matches: how extreme could be ground motion generated by

jubilant crowds? 1321

P.Y. Bard, T. AlKhally, M. Wathelet, B. Guillier, C. Cornou & E. Chaljub

Developing and optimizing site-specific G0 correlations using SCPTu data 1329

N. Barounis, J. Philpot & T. Smith

Developing and optimizing regional G0 correlations using SCPTu data 1338

N. Barounis, J. Philpot & T. Smith

Grading entropy coordinates and criteria for evaluation of liquefaction susceptibility 1346

D. Barreto, J. Leak, V. Dimitriadi, J. McDougall E. Imre & J. Lőrincz

The importance of vertical displacement control during constant volume cyclic direct simple

shear testing 1354

M. Basham, A. Athanasopoulos-Zekkos & D. Zekkos

Nonlinear ground response analysis based on non-Masing rules: A case study of GRA at IIT

Guwahati, India 1362

D. Basu & A. Dey

Comparison of post-liquefaction settlements at a liquefaction test site considering numerical

and empirical methods 1370

D. Basu, J. Montgomery & A.W. Stuedlein

Settlement mechanisms of footings for liquefiable ground: Effect of superstructure inertia 1378

K. Bazaios, G. Bouckovalas & Y. Chaloulos

A numerical study of ultimate lateral capacity of pile groups 1386

B. Becci, N. Cardella & M. Carni

Design of hazard resilient steel pipe using numerical simulations and large scale testing 1394

B.A. Berger, B.P. Wham & T.D. O’Rourke

Experimental assessment of stiffness and damping in rubber-sand mixtures at various strain

levels 1403

J. Bernal-Sanchez, J. McDougall, D. Barreto, A. Marinelli, V. Dimitriadi, P. Anbazhagan &

M. Miranda

Comparison of different liquefaction assessment methods with data from the 2010-2011

Canterbury Earthquake Sequence 1411

S. Bertelli, S. Lopez-Querol, T. Rossetto, S. Giovinazzi, L. Wotherspoon & R. Ruiter

Simple performance-based pile foundation assessments for risk-based evaluations of existing

structures 1420

F. Besseling, A. Bougioukos & J. de Greef

Steady state testing of shallow alluvial Christchurch silty soils 1428

C.Z. Beyzaei, J.D. Bray, M.F. Riemer, M. Cubrinovski & M.E. Stringer

Influence of connection rigidity on combined pile-raft foundation under seismic loading 1437

A. Bhaduri & D. Choudhury

Three-dimensional dynamic responses of adjacent metro tunnels to vibration loading 1445

B. Bing & R. Dengyu

GIS-based assessment of liquefaction potential for selected earthquake scenarios 1453

J. Bojadjieva, V. Sheshov, K. Edip, J. Chaneva, T. Kitanovski & D. Ivanovski

Fabric evolution in post-liquefaction and re-liquefaction of granular soils using 3D discrete

element modelling 1461

S.V. Bokkisa, G. Wang, D. Huang & F. Jin

Effects of dynamic soil-structure interaction on the performance of structures equipped with

viscous dampers 1469

J.I. Boksmati, S.P.G. Madabhushi & N.I. Thusyanthan

Effect of densification-type ground improvement on the spatial variability

characteristics of soil 1478

T. Bong & A.W. Stuedlein

Response of a raft supported structure to spatially varying ground motion 1487

A. Boominathan, A. Srinivas & R. Varghese

Centrifuge tests to evaluate dynamic impedance functions of square surface foundation 1495

A. Borghei & M. Ghayoomi

Extensive seismic investigation to determine bedrock depth and dynamic soil properties for

1D site response analyses in the heart of Rome 1503

G. Bosco, L. Macerola, M. Tallini, M. Furani, P. Manara, E. Raspa, B. Lipani & A. Tomaro

Simplified prediction model for the peak groundwater pressure due to earthquake motion 1511

A. Bougioukos, F. Besseling & L. van Wee

Numerical modelling of local seismic response in alluvial valleys filled by heterogeneous

deposits for seismic microzonation studies in Northern Latium (Italy) 1519

C. Bourdeau, L. Lenti, M. Cercato, S. Hailemikael, S. Martino & C. Varone

Development of pipeline damage assessment tools using liquefaction-induced ground

movements and CPT-based liquefaction metrics 1527

D. Bouziou, S. Van Ballegooy, L. Storie & T.D. O’Rourke

Shear-induced seismic slope displacement estimates for shallow crustal earthquakes 1537

J.D. Bray & J. Macedo

Statistical interpretation of crosshole data and application to the definition of saturation

depth 1545

A. Callerio, D. Milani, S. Priano & K. Janicki

Dynamic characterization of sands used as backfill in a reinforced earth wall 1554

P.P. Capilleri, A. Cavallaro, E. Motta & M. Todaro

Investigation on the locus of maximum axial force in polyester strap reinforced MSE walls

under seismic loading 1562

P.P. Capilleri, E. Motta & M. Todaro

Comparison between shaking table test results and numerical predictions of seismic

performance of a soil-wall system 1571

P.P. Capilleri, E. Motta & G. Biondi

Inadequacy of the anti-seismic models in the current legislation 1580

S.A. Capolongo

Effects of fines content, fabric, and structure on the cyclic direct simple shear behaviour of

silty sands 1588

C. Cappellaro, M. Cubrinovski, G. Chiaro, M.E. Stringer, J.D. Bray & M.F. Riemer

Soil liquefaction and induced damage to structures: a case study from the 2012 Emilia

earthquake 1596

P. Caputo, A. Chiaradonna, M. Di Ludovico, E. Bilotta, A. Prota, A. Flora & L. Martelli

Theoretical framework for the seismic design of anchored steel sheet pile walls 1604

V.G. Caputo, R. Conti, G.M.B. Viggiani & C. Prüm

A practical procedure for time-domain soil-structure interaction analysis of structures

on pile foundations 1612

S. Carbonari, L. Minnucci, F. Dezi, M. Morici & G. Leoni

PSHA of Oslo, Norway, using smoothed gridded seismicity source zones and NGA East

ground motion models 1621

B.D. Carlton & A.M. Kaynia

Empirical model for seismically induced shear strains in slopes 1629

B.D. Carlton & A.M. Kaynia

Uplift of buried pipelines in liquefiable soils using shaking table apparatus 1638

M. Castiglia, F. Santucci de Magistris & J. Koseki

A modified NorSand model for the prediction of static and cyclic behaviour of sands under

simple shear loading 1647

V. Castonguay & J.M. Konrad

Soil-structure interaction effects on the dynamic behaviour of a masonry school

damaged by the 2016-2017 Central Italy earthquake sequence 1655

S. Cattari, D. Sivori, A. Brunelli, S. Sica, A. Piro, F. de Silva, F. Parisi & F. Silvestri

Distributed seismic monitoring of heritage buildings at city scale: the case study of

Gubbio, Italy 1664

N. Cavalagli, A. Kita, F. Ubertini, F. Trillo, S. Falco & M. Costantini

Seismic slope stability analysis of rainfall-induced landslides in Sicily (Italy). 1672

A. Cavallaro, G. Abate, A. Ferraro, A. Giannone & S. Grasso

An innovative solution for the retrofitting of an existing railway embankment 1681

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Surface ground motion measurements to assess complexity in site response 4532

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basin during the M6.5 2016 October 30 earthquake 4736

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histories in Italy 4744

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Martana’s cliff 4752

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Effectiveness of sheet pile as a seismic retrofit for piled abutment subjected to

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Estimation of ground amplification factors in a mountain district using earthquake

observations and three-dimensional FEM analyses 4792

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finite elements 4808

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Liquefaction – causes and effects 4815

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Low pressure grouting with nanosilicate to reduce the liquefaction susceptibility of sand 4823

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highway and railway corridor 4890

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A statistical method to predict the shape of an embankment collapse during the earthquake 4898

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Model uncertainty of SPT based methods for reliability analysis of soil liquefaction 4906

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Physical and numerical modeling of the soil inelastic response in a translucent laminar box 4914

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Nonlinear seismic site response analysis of soft clay deposits using SANICLAY-B

constitutive model 4923

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Modeling of the subsurface structure from the seismic bedrock to the ground surface for a

broadband strong motion evaluation in Japan 4931

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New Port – Phase 2 4939

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Motion database (ESM) 4947

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modulus in Marine Clay 4962

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Selection of strain compatible properties for soil structure interaction analysis 4970

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Damage mechanism of reinforced concrete piles with axial load variation based on

E-Defense shaking table tests 4978

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Numerical study on seismic behavior of a piled raft foundation with grid-form DMWs

considering post-peak softening of stabilized soil 4986

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Liquefaction demand parameters best correlated to damage on buried pipeline

networks: the case study of Christchurch 4995

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lagging effect? 5019

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with layers 5061

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Ostiense case study 5078

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Applicability of the accumulative dissipation energy method for assessment of soil

liquefaction 5143

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tests and their numerical simulations 5157

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Site-effect analysis of four Japanese KiK-net stations using surface-to-borehole-spectralratios

(SBSRs) 5167

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ground by changing ground water level 5174

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Centrifuge study on the effect of fines content on the lateral flow of an inclined ground 5183

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Dynamic analysis of pile-soil-structure interaction behavior of transmission towers 5191

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Study on early recognition of geohazards based on dynamic amplification and deformation

characteristics 5208

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Research on reasonable anti-fault fortification length and effect of different deformation

joint spacing for Urumqi metro line 2 tunnel through reverse fault fracture zone 5217

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artificial drain material during large-scale earthquake 5232

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Ta-Ger model 5241

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Zagreb Container Pier Terminal Project in Rijeka – Croatia: earthquake engineering and

geotechnical aspects 5249

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Designers’ requirements of surface rupture parameters determination accuracy at trunk

pipelines/active fault crossings 5265

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dense granular columns 5282

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Factors affecting liquefaction-induced settlements with sand boiling 5290

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A simplified procedure to estimate liquefaction-induced settlements of buildings 5297

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Influence of dominant site period effects on damages at colonial church 5305

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Numerical analysis of both local geology and seismic directivity effects on ground motion

prediction 5315

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saturated sands 5329

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Ukraine: experimental and analytical research 5337

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S. Shekhunova & R. Havrilyuk

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Deep braced basement wall under seismic loading: numerical analysis vs centrifuge

experiment 5353

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modeling 5361

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Impact of cyclic damage shear strain on the strain localization of sand in large strain

torsional shear test 5402

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Cyclic shear deformation behavior of unsaturated soil with varying pore air and water state 5410

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Seismic retrofitting optimization of underground parking garage using an efficient

nonlinear-analysis based design strategy 5427

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Application of SfM technique for measuring near-field earthquake-induced failures; case

studies from Greece 5435

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An investigation into the seismic stability of walls with and without base isolation built by

the Inkas 5442

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A FEM study of the fluid injection-induced earthquakes caused by the seepage-induced

propagation and interaction of fissures 5450

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Effect of pile shape on effectiveness of ground improvement by compaction piling 5465

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models 5473

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Modelling of seismic urban wavefield in highly heterogeneous Site-City configurations 5506

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S. Lopez-Zhindon

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A probabilistic site response analysis for Wylfa Newydd, a new nuclear power plant in

the UK 5555

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M. Walsh & T. Courtney

Compaction grouting solved a liquefaction potential problem in Oman 5563

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Effects of source energy and receivers arrangement in surface wave methods 5573

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Numerical investigation on seismic response of moment resisting RC building frames resting

on sand considering soil-pile-structure interaction 5581

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Assessing earthquake site amplification for deep soil sites with uncertain bedrock conditions 5590

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Α comparative study of liquefaction resistance of a clean sand improved by colloidal silica

and weak cementation 5597

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Assessment of pseudostatic methods for the seismic bearing capacity of footings in

code-based design 5605

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region and Tokai one, Japan, for broadband strong ground motion prediction 5613

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H. Matsuyama

Stability monitoring of post-earthquake slope failure using multi-point tilt sensors 5621

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Minxian-Zhangxian Ms6.6 earthquake and rainfall in 2013 5638

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Using OpenQuake for probabilistic hazard and risk assessment of seismically-induced

ground displacements: lessons learned from implementation and considerations for

application 5647

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Effects of particle shape on the liquefaction resistance of sands 5656

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Analytic solution for wave propagations in layered unsaturated soil and its application 5664

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Characterization of soil-structure interaction for seismic design of hazard-resistant pipeline

systems with enlarged joints 5673

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A new seismo-engineering ground-motion database for Israel 5689

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Seismic response of tailings storage facility applied liquefaction mitigation 5697

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Effect of area replacement ratio of deep mixing wall grid on pile bending moment in piled

raft system under strong earthquakes 5705

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Evaluation of secondary effects and seismic intensity of the 2013 Ms7 Lushan earthquake 5713

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L. Guerrieri & E. Vittori

Granular mechanics of the effect of the wall movement on the seismic active earth pressure 5722

C. Yanqui

Granular mechanics of the seismic stability of soil slopes 5730

C. Yanqui

Investigation on mechanism of the grabens that formed in Aso during the 2016 Kumamoto

Earthquake in Japan 5738

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Cyclic degradation of volcanic ash cohesive soil strength and stiffness 5746

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Effects of hyperbolic hardening parameters on seismic response of high rise buildings

considering soil-structure interaction 5754

N. Yeganeh, B. Fatahi & S. Mirlatifi

Comparative scenario-based landslide loss assessment: application to Mainland Portugal 5762

C. Yilmaz, V. Silva & G.A. Weatherill

On the seismic response of mountain topography— Insights from numerical modeling 5770

C. Yin, C.G. Zhao & W.H. Li

Ground response in the September 19th 2017 Mw = 7.1 Central Mexico Earthquake 5777

S. Yniesta

Behavior of sand during secondary liquefaction 5784

N. Yoshida & T. Mikami

Study on the effect of rubble mound on the dynamic behavior of pile-supported wharf using

dynamic centrifuge model tests 5792

J.W. Yun, J.T. Han, S.J. Kim, J.K. Kim & J.K. Ahn

Liquefied gas tank design – Consequences of misleading Soil Structure Interaction 5800

Y. Zaczek & M. Gilbert

Liquefaction potential analysis of Srinagar city, Jammu and Kashmir 5807

F. Zahoor, K.S. Rao, Z.Z. Banday, M.A. Bhat & M.F. Farooq

Using earthquake monitoring and thresholds to focus response for pipeline networks 5815

M.P. Zaleski & G.E. Ferris

Seismic response of suction caisson in large-scale shake table test 5823

M. Zayed, K. Kim & A. Elgamal

Sensitivity analysis of LEAP soil liquefaction tests 5832

M. Zeghal, N. Goswami, M.T. Manzari & B.L. Kutter

Case study: can seismological rupture model be used to simulate ground motions for

engineering seismic input? 5840

L. Zhang, J.T. Wang, C.H. Zhang, Y.J. Xu & X.C. Wang

A simplified seismic design approach for cut and cover underground structure considering

soil – structure interaction 5849

H. Zhang, Y. Qiu & C. Huang

Shaking table test on the asynchronous responses of the shaft- tunnel junction under

transverse excitations 5857

J. Zhang & Y. Yuan

Field measurements of linear and nonlinear shear moduli during large-strain shaking 5865

B. Zhang, K.H. Stokoe & F. Menq

An investigation of the effects of surface topography on the seismic structural demands for a

region of Istanbul 5873

W. Zhang, E. Taciroglu, D. Restrepo, R. Taborda, A. Kurtuluş & A. Ansal

Experimental study on seismic ground motion amplification pattern of soil-structure

interaction system 5881

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How do tunnels affect the surface infrastructure during an earthquake? 5889

G.L. Zhu, R.L. Sousa, T. Kishida, Y.J. Byon & A. Simoes

Influence of the diaphragm wall on the earthquake responses of the underground station

structure under two different connection types 5897

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Quality control for next-generation liquefaction case histories 5905

P. Zimmaro, S.J. Brandenberg, Y. Bozorgnia, J.P. Stewart, D.Y. Kwak, K.O. Cetin, G. Can,

M. Ilgac, K.W. Franke, R.E.S. Moss, S.L. Kramer, J. Stamatakos, M. Juckett & T. Weaver

Effect of numerical modeling protocols on the seismic response of a liquefiable slope 5913

K. Ziotopoulou, J. Montgomery, D. Tsiaousi, P. Tasiopoulou, J. Ugalde & T. Travasarou

Evaluation of the seismic behavior of multi-propped shallow underground structures

embedded in granular soils: a comparison between coupled and decoupled approaches 5922

M. Zucca, G. Tropeano, E. Erbì & P. Crespi

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Francesco Silvestri. M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (1986), Research Assistant (1990) and Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering (1991) at University of Napoli Federico II. Associate Professor at University of Calabria in 1998, Full Professor since 2003, in 2007 back to University of Napoli Federico II. Currently teaching 'Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering' at University of Napoli Federico II and ‘Soil dynamics and non-linear site response analysis' (Master on Geomechanics, Civil Engineering and Risks) at University of Grenoble-Alpes (France).

Nicola Moraci. Postgraduate Diploma in Geotechnical Engineering – University of Padova (1988). PhD in Geotechnical Engineering (1992). Full Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at UNIRC since 2012. Dean of Department of Civil, Energy, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICEAM) of UNIRC since November 2012 to September 2018. Head of Ph.D. School in Geotechnical Engineering at UNIRC from 2004 to 2014.