1st Edition

Earth's Core and Lower Mantle

Edited By C.A. Jones, Andrew M. Soward, K. Zhang Copyright 2003
    244 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Scientists have made new inroads in the study of the Earth's deep interior. They have forged developments in this fascinating arena using experimental and observational techniques,. including seismology, monitoring of the Earth's rotation, geomagnetism, and accurate measurements of Earth's gravity fields. These techniques along with more theoretical skills such as building numerical models and studying high-pressure physics, were discussed at the 7th annual SEDI symposium. Leading scientists in the field presented papers, which are now collected in this volume. Earth's Core and Lower Mantle brings a broad range of expertise to postgraduates and researchers in this area of geophysics.

    Thermal Interaction of the Core and Mantle. Convection and the Lower Mantle. Electromagnetic and Topographic Coupling and LOD Variations. Geomagnetic Reversals: rates, timescales, preferred paths, statistical models and simulations. Energy Fluxes and Ohmic Dissipation in the Earth's Core. Convection in Rotating Spherical Shells and its Dynamo Action. Dynamo and Convection Experiments. Dynamics of the Core at Short Periods: Theory, Experiments and Observations.


    C.A. Jones, Andrew M. Soward, K. Zhang