1st Edition

East Africa A Century of Change 1870–1970

By W.E.F. Ward, L.W. White Copyright 1971

    East Africa (1971) examines the century from 1870 that saw the emergence of East Africa from an ancient isolation into the modern world. This survey pays attention to the social and economic as well as the political history of this transition, and takes pains to understand the ideas and motives of the various groups who make up the population of East Africa. It closely examines the African peoples’ struggle for economic as well as political independence from their colonisers.

    1. East Africa in 1870  2. The Partition of East Africa  3. The Beginnings of Colonial Rule  4. The First World War  5. Land and Labour in Kenya to 1945  6. Administration and Politics in Kenya to 1945  7. Uganda from 1919 to 1945  8. Tanganyika to 1945  9. After the Second World War  10. Towards Independence in Kenya  11. Towards Independence in Uganda  12. Towards Independence in Tanganyika  13. Zanzibar from 1893 to Independence  14. Education in the Colonial Period  15. East Africa in 1970


    W.E.F. Ward and L.W. White