Eastern and Southern Africa : Development Challenges in a volatile region book cover
1st Edition

Eastern and Southern Africa
Development Challenges in a volatile region

ISBN 9780130264688
Published October 23, 2003 by Routledge
408 Pages

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Book Description

A unique and comprehensive introduction to contemporary development issues in East and Southern Africa, and represents a significant departure from the often descriptive approach adopted by existing regional and development texts on African regions. Each contribution is carefully chosen to highlight the theoretical basis to development issues, and the practical problems of implementing development plans, in this vital subregion. Overall this produces comprehensive and balanced coverage of historical, economic, political and social issues. The twin issues of globalisation and modernisation give the book a clear focus.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Development Challenges and Debates in East and Southern Africa by
Deborah Potts
Eastern and Southern Africa: defining a diverse region
Global Political Economy Changes: regional perspectives
Development challenges in the region
Development theory and development debates Chapter 2: Demographic Change in East and Southern Africa by Akim Mturi Introduction
Age-Sex Structure
Family Structure
Concluding Remarks
Chapter 3: Structural Adjustment in Eastern and Southern Africa: the Tragedy of Development by Colin Stoneman
False Dawn: A Brief History of the First Two Decades Triumph of Market-Leninism over Marxist-Leninism
Stabilisation or Adjustment? A Taxonomy of Countries in the Region
Chapter 4: The Persistence Of Poverty by Anthony O’Connor Poverty in Context Poverty Measurement Poverty Trends Food and Hunger
Health Care
The Debt Issue Conclusions
Chapter 5 Natural Resources: Use, Access, Tenure and Management by Sian Sullivan and Katherine Homewood
‘Wild’ plant and animal resources: biophysical determinants of availability
Common uses of ‘natural resources’ and relevance for livelihoods
Tenure and access rights
Indigenous Knowledge, Resources and Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) Conservation of natural resources: from criminals to community
Some thoughts for the future
Chapter 6 Agricultural Production in Eastern and Southern Africa: Issues and Challenges by John Briggs
The Current Status of Agricultural Production
Macro-environmental Operating Conditions For Agriculture
Population growth The Political Economy Environment
Microenvironmental Operating Conditions for Agriculture
Future Prospects
Chapter 7 Water Resources and Development Challenges in Eastern and Southern Africa by Richard Taylor
Physical Setting
Estimation of Renewable Water Resources
Use of Water Resources Supply And Demand - the Water Stress Index
Quality of water resources
Hydropolitics of Transboundary Watercourses
Alleviating Water Scarcity - Interbasin Water Transfers and ‘Virtual Water’
Concluding Discussion - Future Challenges
Chapter 8 Desertification in Eastern and Southern Africa by T A S Bowyer-Bower
Developments in the Understanding of Desertification Desertification Today
Contemporary Implications of Desertification for Development in Eastern and Southern Africa Causes of Desertification Conclusion
Chapter 9 Geographies of Governance and Regional Politics by Marcus Power Introduction: Geographical analysis and African politics
Key themes and issues in national, regional and international (geo)politics
States and regional (dis)integration: imagining ‘development’ communities
Democratisation and conflict resolution in global political and economic context Conclusions: Co-operation, Corruption and Complexity in African politics Chapter 10 International and regional trade in eastern and southern Africa by Richard Gibb
Peripherality in the World Economy
The European Connection (Regional) Economic Partnership Agreements Conclusion Chapter 11 Regional Urbanisation and Urban Livelihoods in the Context of Globalisation by Deborah Potts Introduction
Urban Growth in eastern and southern Africa
Urban Livelihoods in Eastern and Southern Africa Urban Services: the Example of Housing
Conclusion Chapter 12 Conclusion by T A S Bowyer-Bower and Deborah Potts

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