1st Edition

Easternization of the West
A Thematic Account of Cultural Change in the Modern Era

ISBN 9781594512247
Published January 30, 2008 by Routledge
448 Pages

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Book Description

In this provocative and groundbreaking book, Colin Campbell shows that the civilization of the West is undergoing a revolutionary process of change, one in which features that have characterized the West for two thousand years are in the process of being marginalized, to be replaced by those more often associated with the civilizations of the East. Moving far beyond popular trends, Campbell assembles a powerful range of evidence to show how "Easternization" has been building throughout the last century, especially since the 1960s. Campbell demonstrates how it was largely in the 1960s that new interpretations in theology, political thought, and science were widely adopted by a new generation of young "culture carriers." This highly original and wide-ranging book advances a thesis that will be of interest to scholars in many disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.


“Presents a stimulating theoretical framework for understanding the influence of Eastern religious traditions in Western societies during the last five decades. … Campbell’s thesis is ambitious, seductive, and highly stimulating.”
—Veronique Altglas, Journal of Contemporary Religion

“Campbell makes a detailed and persuasive argument to the effect that Western civilization has been deeply changed by ideas and values derived from Asia. He also explores the reasons for this development. An important book, which should be read by anyone concerned with the state of our culture.”
—Peter L. Berger, Director, Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs, Boston University

“Has the Yogaization of the West really overtaken the McDonaldization of the East? Has a worldview associated with ‘the God Within’ really achieved a greater salience than one associated with ‘the God of the Book’? If so, how and why? This is a powerful, well-argued, and carefully researched historical narrative that boldly throws down a gauntlet to scholars, believers, and skeptics alike. Agree or disagree, it’s a damned good read.”
—Eileen Barker, Professor Emeritus of Sociology with Special Reference to the Study of Religion, London School of Economics

“We are in the hands of a master. Both creative and thought-provoking, The Easternization of the West engages with our times. It enables us to reflect on the extent to which the dualisms of the Enlightenment are in the process of being replaced by a monistic worldview. Einstein, with his Spinoza-inspired ‘cosmic religion,’ would have been most engaged!”
—Paul Heelas, Professor of Religion and Modernity, Lancaster University