1st Edition

Eco-Art Therapy in Practice

By Amanda Alders Pike Copyright 2021
    194 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    194 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Eco-Art Therapy in Practice is uplifting, optimistic, and empowering while outlining cost-effective, time efficient, and research-based steps on how to use nature in session to enhance client engagement and outcomes.

    Dr. Pike employs her background and credentials as a certified educational leader and board-certified art therapist to walk readers through establishing ecologically-based practices— such as growing art materials using hydroponics regardless of facility constraints. Each chapter is aligned with the continuing education requirements for art therapy board certification renewal to make its relevance clear and to orient the book for future training program integration. Appendices feature clinical directives in easy-to-follow, one-page protocols which encourage readers to consider client needs when applying methods, along with intake forms to bolster real-world application.

    This text will help clinicians and educators to employ eco-art therapy in practice, in turn empowering their clients and conveying an inclusive message of respect— respect for self, others, community, and the world.

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    Chapter One: Theories and Practice

    Chapter Two: Professional Issues

    Chapter Three: Assessment and Ethics

    Chapter Four: Client and Multicultural Competence

    Chapter Five: Methods and Materials

    Appendix A: 25 Eco-Art Therapy Protocols

    Protocol References

    Appendix B: Intake and Check-in Forms



    Amanda Alders Pike, PhD, ATR-BC, is a board-certified art therapist and past president of the Florida Art Therapy Association. She is currently education chair for the Palm Beach County Native Plant Society.

    "To say this publication is timely would be a gross understatement. From theory to research to application, Dr. Pike reminds us-- in her deft, clear and at times lyrical manner—how to overcome the struggles and limitations of our artificial experiences by looking outside, metaphorically and literally, to find the most natural space and mindful tools available. Eco-art therapy is more than a method or approach; it’s a whole new paradigm that simultaneously simplifies and makes profound the journey towards wellness. Quite frankly, I didn’t realize this was a book that I needed to read...until I read it." — Dave Gussak, PhD, ATR-BC, professor, The Florida State University

    "Eco-Art Therapy in Practice offers a unique, eco-friendly approach to merging the healing properties of nature with art therapy. Dr. Pike's easy to follow protocols teach us a simpler, more organic way of relating to life within the field of a psychotherapy." — Ella Dufrene, MPS, ATR, founder of Madre Tierra Creative Arts & Yoga Retreats

    ''Working in both a private practice and an agency setting requires me to be flexible and continue to adapt my interventions for a wide range of clients. Dr. Pike's expansive knowledge is evident, and this book is one I will return to repeatedly to help meet my client's diverse needs! Using nature in art making has a lot of therapeutic potential. — Devon Schlegel, MA, ATR-BC, LPC, LMHC, co-founder of Indigo Art Therapy Studio

    "Eco-Art Therapy in Practice provides a rooted framework for holistically integrating the self-affirming benefits of art-making and engagement with the natural world. Dr. Pike’s exhaustive aggregation of data supports some of our most deeply felt understandings regarding identity in relationship to our environment. It reminds us to check-in not only with our screen time, but more importantly with our time spent in natural light." – Summer Bowie, managing editor, Autre Magazine

    ''As someone who staffs creative arts therapists in agencies and communities throughout South Florida, this resource is so helpful for planning research-based sessions. The clinical vignettes make the content relatable and guide the reader into the world of eco-art therapy." — Bree Gordon, MT-BC, director and managing partner of Creative Arts Therapies of the Palm Beaches

    "Eco-Art Therapy in Practice is a welcoming invitation into the world of the senses. Amanda’s contribution delves into sustainable practices which vitalize growth, skill development, and connection. I will be using this resource for years to come with my clients as well as in my own artistic endeavors." — Lourdes Figueroa, MPS, ATR-P

    ''Amanda Pike is advocating for 'green care' as an art form; connecting educators and therapists to nature at a critical time in history. Her reference to planting natives as opposed to invasive and prohibited plants will not only provide novel art materials but will enhance eco-systems!" — Winnie Park Said, past president, PBC Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society

    "All the great things in life can be found in a garden. Yes, you can grow plenty of produce and beautiful flowers... Far more valuable are the things a garden can teach you: patience, diligence, awareness, mindfulness, gratitude.  To grow a garden you must learn to be both a visionary and a realist. Peace and well-being become the harvest."  – Conner Murphy, founder, Incredible Edible Landscapes

    "As an artist and farmer, I’m excited to see this book’s discussion and valuable input bringing together concepts that are healing and inspiring. Looking to nature and expressing through art is beneficial to humans of any age! Timing couldn’t be better as we all learn to adjust to our roles in this ever-changing world." Kristy Gaza, permaculture farmer & art educator, Ness Farm