1st Edition

Eco-facts and Eco-fiction Understanding the Environmental Debate

By William H. Baarschers Copyright 1996
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    Ozone-friendly, recyclable, zero-waste, elimination of toxic chemicals - such environmental ideals are believed to offer solutions to the environmental crisis. Where do these ideals come from? Is the environmental debate communicating the right problems?
    Eco-Facts and Eco-Fiction examines serious errors in perceptions about human and environmental health. Drawing on a wealth of everyday examples of local and global concerns, the author explains basic concepts and observations relating to the environment. Removing fear of science and technology and eliminating wrong perceptions lead to a more informed understanding of the environment as a science, a philosophy, and a lifestyle.
    By revealing the flaws in today's environmental vocabulary, this book stresses the urgent need for a common language in the environmental debate. Such a common language encourages the effective communication between environmental science and environmental decision-making that is essential for finding solutions to environmental problems.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 The three Es: earth, ecology, and environment; Chapter 3 Science and the scientists; Chapter 4 Chemistry, chemicals, and the chemists; Chapter 5 How toxic is toxic?; Chapter 6 Cancer everywhere?; Chapter 7 Energy and the Laws of nature; Chapter 8 Air for breathing; Chapter 9 Water for drinking; Chapter 10 Food for eating; Chapter 11 Waste not, Want not; Chapter 12 Organochlorines — killer chemicals?; Chapter 13 Conclusion;


    William H. Baarschers is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Senior Advisor to the Resource Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Lakehead University, Canada

    'It is a fine book and timely...Baarscher's philosophy offers cool common sense as an antidote to the fevered protests of the Green lobbyists and the special pleading of their industrial opponents.' - James Lovelock

    'Baarschers has brought an excellent degree of scholarship to focus upon the opposing and conflicting views of what is happening in the Environment around us.' - John Sutherland

    '...succeeds admirably in holding the interest whilst leading the reader gently from one point to the next. The book should be required reading for anyone involved with environmental concerns.' - Dr John Allen, Queen Mary and Westfield College

    'The book is well laid out with extensive introductory explanations that ease the reader gently into the eco-world and establish a few basic laws of chemistry, physics and biology....Baarschers has written a book that deserves to be read.' - Environmental Health Journal, Jan 99