536 Pages
    by Routledge

    536 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sue Roaf is famed for her approach to design and her awareness of energy efficiency. Here she reveals the concepts, structures and techniques that lie behind the realization of her ideals. By using her own house as a case study, Roaf guides the reader through the ideas for energy-efficient design or 'eco-design'.

    Now in its fourth edition, the bestselling Ecohouse continues to be both a technical guide and an inspiration for thousands of architects, designers and eco-builders all over the world.

    Ecohouse provides design information about the latest low-impact materials and technologies, showcasing the newest and best ‘green’ solutions. Revised and updated, this edition also includes new case studies inspiring readers with more real-life examples of how to make an ecohouse work.

    Acknowledgements  Introduction to Fourth Edition  Introduction to Third Edition  Introduction to Second Edition  Introduction to First Edition 1. Starting your Design 2. The Environmental Impact of Building Materials 3. Pushing the Building Envelope 4. Designing for Body and Soul 5. Ventilation 6. Health and Happiness in the Home 7. Passive Solar Design 8. Photovoltaics 9. Solar Hot Water Systems 10. Using Water Wisely 11. Small-Scale Wind Systems 12. Hydro Power 13. Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) 14. Lime and Low-Energy Masonry 15. Biomass: Making the Right Choices 16. Tools for Understanding the Case Studies  Case Study Introduction: Towards the New Vernacular Case Studies  Glossary  References and Further Reading  Conversion Factors  Index


    Sue Roaf, Manuel Fuentes, Stephanie Thomas-Rees

    Reviews of previous editions:

    ‘Ecohouse is an invaluable and in depth resource for anybody wishing to get to grips with the issues of sustainability and domestic design. If you plan to build homes for the future, you really should be reading this book.’Oliver Heath, Blustin Heath Design

    ‘A must-read for architects, builders and eco-house enthusiasts!'Eco-Tech Magazine

    'It's great to read a book with a no-nonsense message'The Architectural Review