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Ecological Economics

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Natural Capital and Human Economic Survival

Natural Capital and Human Economic Survival

2nd Edition

By Thomas Prugh, Herman Daly, Robert Goodland, John H Cumberland, Richard B Norgaard
September 30, 2020

Most people love nature and consider themselves environmentalists, but nature isn't just pretty and lovable, it is indispensable to our survival and economic activity. That is the most compelling reason for environmental protection.The conventional economic wisdom views land (natural capital) as a ...

Toward Sustainable Development An Ecological Economics Approach

Toward Sustainable Development: An Ecological Economics Approach

1st Edition

By Philip Andrew Lawn
July 28, 2000

By now, most people in the ecological and environmental fields have heard of sustainable development, but how many know how we go about getting there, and if we are achieving it? By synthesizing the many disparate elements of the field of Ecological Economics, Toward Sustainable Development: An ...

Privileged Goods Commoditization and Its Impact on Environment and Society

Privileged Goods: Commoditization and Its Impact on Environment and Society

1st Edition

By Jack P. Manno
October 25, 1999

What are the obstacles in the way of effectively solving the environmental crises of our time? What can we do to overcome them? These may be two of the most important questions heading into the 21st century. Organized human societies have the ability to completely change the world. While we have ...

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