1st Edition

Ecological Integrity and the Management of Ecosystems

By Steven Woodley, James Kay Copyright 1993

    Today, efforts are being made to rehabilitate badly degraded ecosystems and protect areas which have important ecological value, such as national parks, critical fish and wildlife habitats, natural communities and endangered species.
    Since human values are an integral part of the decisions to protect or rehabilitate-the goals and objectives for such actions are often unclear. Concepts of "health," "integrity" and "diversity" express important values associated with management actions but they do not provide clear guidelines for these actions.
    The criteria developed and applied in this book provide guidelines and serve as a road map to anyone involved in ecosystem management-scientists, land managers and policy makers.

    The Notion of Natural and Cultural Integrity, Henry A. Reiger
    Considerations of Scale and Hierarchy, Anthony W. King
    Applying Notions of Ecological Integrity, Robert Steedman and Wolfgang Haider
    Choosing Indicators of Ecosystem Integrity: Wetlands as a Model System, Paul A. Keddy, Harold T. Lee and Irene C. Wisheu
    Measuring Biological Integrity: Lessons from Streams, James R. Karr
    Monitoring for Ecosystem Integrity, R.E. Munn
    National and Regional Scale Measures of Canada's Ecosystem Health, I.B. Marshall, H. Hirvonen and E. Wiken
    National Environmental Monitoring: A Case Study of the Atlantic Maritime Region, N.L. Shackell and B. Freedman
    Monitoring and Measuring Ecosystem Integrity in Canadian National Parks, Stephen Woodley
    An Approach to the Development of Biological Sediment Guidelines, Trevor B. Reynoldson and Michael A. Zarull
    On the Nature of Ecological Integrity: Some Closing Comments, James J. Kay


    Steven Woodley (Quebec, Canada) (Author) , James Kay (E.R.S. University of Waterloo) (Author)

    "This is a wonderful book for those who want an understanding of the complexities and the issues involved in understanding ecosystem integrity and ecological monitoring. I highly recommend that you read this book..."
    -Estuaries, William L Halvorson, University of Arizona