1st Edition

Ecology of Streams and Rivers

By Eugene Angelier Copyright 2003
    228 Pages
    by CRC Press

    by CRC Press

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    This book demonstrates the role of dominant ecological factors on the organisms of running water and the functioning of the ecosystem, as well as the consequences of human activity. It provides vision of certain rivers and streams that represent various types of European watercourses.

    Running Water: Agent of Erosion, Transport and Redistribution of Materials of the Earth's Crust; General Characteristics of Hydrographic Networks
    Organisms and Ecosystems of Running Water
    Current and Benthic Organisms: Chronic Instability of the Surface Horizon of the Substrate
    The Hyporheic Environment: Continuity of the Substrate
    Macrophytes of Running Waters: A Substrate for Algae and Fauna
    Life in the Water Trail: Plankton; Fishes of Running Waters
    Temperature, Biological Cycles and Distribution of Organisms
    Light, Salts and Dissolved Oxygen: Secondary Ecological Factors in Running Water
    Food Webs and Energy Flows; From Upstream to Downstream: Ecological Zonation of Water Courses
    Ecological Impacts of Development of Water Courses
    From Eutrophication to Trophic Pollution
    Toxic Pollution
    Biological Methods of Evaluation Pollution


    Eugene Angelier