1st Edition

Economic Analyses of Financial Crises

By Amnon Levy-Livermore Copyright 1995
    317 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published in 1995, this set of 13 essays on the causes and implications of financial problems in three different economic organizations - corporate, semi-co-operative and non-co-operative farming communities and sovereign states. Areas covered include insolvency and bankruptcy, and risk-sharing/spreading behaviour.

    Part 1: Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy  1. Continuation and Liquidation Timing: A Pareto Optimal Approach  2. The Effects of Financial, Industrial and Macroeconomic Factors on the Continuation and Liquidation Timing  3. Macroeconomic Aspects of Firm Bankruptcy Analysis  4. Interindustry Linkages and Business Bankruptcy Rates: Evidence from Australia  Part 2: Risk Sharing, Risk Spreading and Insolvency in Agriculture  5. The Implications of Financial Cooperation in Israel’s Semi-Cooperative Villages  6. The Consequences of Mutually Secured Debts: The Case of Israeli Moshavim  7. Risk Spreading in Farmers’ Production Choice: Evidence from India  Part 3: Sovereign External-Debt Crises: The Case of the Developing Countries  8. An Overview of the Developing Countries’ External-Debt Problem  9. Are the External Debts of Developing Countries a Symptom or a Cause of Economic Slowdown?  10. An Integrative Analysis of External Debt, Capital Accumulation and Production in Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa  11. An Analysis of the Potential Externalities Affecting the Borrowing Behavior of Developing Countries  12. Repudiation, Retaliation and the Secondary Market Price of Sovereign Debts  13. Repudiation, Seizure and Reputation Within a Game Theoretic Framework  14. The Role of Repudiation and Trade and Credit Sanctions in the Accumulation of Sovereign Debt, Capital and Reputation  15. Rescheduling a Sovereign Debt: Expected Repayment, Risk and Time Preference.


    Amnon Levy-Livermore