1st Edition

Economic Democracy and Financial Participation A Comparative Study

By Daryl D'Art Copyright 1992

    The ideas of economic democracy and financial participation are not new. The International Congress on profit-sharing first met in Paris in 1889. However since then, the numerous schemes have met with mixed reactions and various levels of success.
    In Economic Democracy and Financial Participation, Daryl D'Art has two objectives. Firstly, to examine if, and under what conditions, profit-sharing schemes and employee shareholding can motivate workers and generate cooperative striving. Secondly he identifies the schemes of financial participation which have the potential to realise economic democracy within the individual firm and wider society.

    1. Financial Democracy and Financial Participation 2. The Practice, Function and Results of North American Profit Sharing 3. Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) in the United States - Worker Capitalism? 4. Economic Democracy in and the Swedish Labour Movement 5. Economic Democracy in Demark - Postponement or Cancellation? 6. Profit Sharing/Employee Shareholding in Ireland - A Review


    Daryl D'Art