1st Edition

Economic Development of Africa, 1880–1939

    1848 Pages
    by Routledge

    2272 Pages
    by Routledge

    One of the main motives for British imperialism in Africa was economic gain. This collection examines the ways in which Britain developed Africa, and, in so doing, benefited her own economy.

    Volume 1 General Introduction, Agriculture: Non-Food and Drink: Volume 2: Agriculture: Food and Drink. Volume 3 Agriculture: Other Aspects of Agriculture: Agriculture: Miscellaneous, Report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Economic Position of the Agricultural Industry of Southern Rhodesia (1934), S. Milligan, Report on the Present Position of the Agricultural Industry and the Necessity, or Otherwise, of Encouraging Further European Settlement in Agricultural Areas (1931), ‘Does Farming Pay in South Africa?’ ([early 1920s]), Th e Agricultural Question; A Letter to his Excellency Samuel Rowe … and How to Double the Revenue and Trade and Improve the Sanitary Condition of the West Africa Settlements (1880), Th e Agricultural and Industrial Possibilities of the Gold Coast (1911), Report on the Agricultural Conditions and Needs of the Gambia (1921), Review of Agriculture in Kenya (1926), Report of the Committee on Locust Menace Crop Insurance (1929), An Agricultural Credit System for Cape Colony (1907), Interim Report of the Agricultural Indebtedness Committee (1936), European Settlement, South African Settlers Information Committee, Land Settlement in South Africa. Settlers and Farms (1916), Proposals for the Encouragement of Land Settlement and Immigration ([early 1910s]), Rhodesia: Development and Expansion, with Special Relation to Markets and Migration. Address ... and Report of Proceedings of the Committees of the Empire Parliamentary Association (1928), Northern Rhodesia Department of Lands, Land for Settlers (1925) Economic Development of Africa, 1880–1939: Volume 3 Marketing of Produce, Report of a Committee appointed in Nigeria to Examine Recommendations made by the Commission on the Marketing of West African Cocoa (1939), A Report on the Marketing of Northern Rhodesia Tobacco in Great Britain (1936), The Marketing of Potatoes (1932), Native Produce: Inspection and Marketing Services (1937). Volume 4 Non-Agricultural Development: Mining: Address Delivered by … President of the Transvaal Chamber of Mines at the Annual General Meeting of Members (1906), The Past, Present and Future of the Gold-Mining Industry of the Witwatersrand, Transvaal (1911), Report of the Committee on Mining Legislation (1933), Memorandum Prepared by Rhokana Corporation Limited on the Copper Mining Industry of Northern Rhodesia (1932), An Address … on the Gold and other Mineral Resources of the Gold Coast and Sierra Leone (1933), Th e Gold Resources of the Gold Coast (1932), Nigeria Mines Department, Nigerian Minerals and Mining (1924), Th e Report of a Committee Appointed at a Meeting of Companies, Firms and Individuals Interested in the Production of Tin in Nigeria, and Convened by the Nigerian Chamber of Mines (Incorporated) (1933), Agreement for Grant of a Licence for a Term of 99 years fr om the 1st July,1933 for Diamond Mining in the Colony and Protectorate of Sierra Leone (1934), Asbestos Mining in Rhodesia (1936), Brown Coal in Nigeria (1924), Memorandum on the Lime Resources of Kenya Colony with Special Reference to Future Requirements and the Economy of Transportation (1932), Bauxite Deposits in Nyasaland (1925), Industry and Trade, Union of South Africa, Office of Census and Statistics, Report on the Engineering Industry in South Africa 1915/6 to 1923/4 (1924), Union of South Africa, Office of Census and Statistics, Printing and Publishing (1924), Memorandum re Iron and Steel Industry (1909) Economic Development of Africa, 1880–1939: Volume 4: The National Bank of South Africa, Limited Monthly Trade Report (1921), Report on the Hides and Skins Industry of the Northern Provinces of Nigeria (1927), Hides and Skins Section of the Mombasa Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, A Memorandum on the Hide and Skin Trade in East Africa (1928), The Manufacture of Egg Products (1934), Report on the Flax Industry in Kenya (1939) 269 ‘Trade in the Niger and the Action of the French in that District’ (1882–3), Memorandum on Trade with the British Dependencies in West Africa (Th e Gambia, Sierra Leone, Th e Gold Coast and Nigeria) (1937), Banking: A Brief Summary of the History of Banking in South Africa and An Outline of the History of the Netherlands Bank of South Africa (1938), Cape of Good Hope Government, Savings Bank Accounts for the Year ended 31st December 1881 (1881), Analysis of Bank Statistics for British East Africa 1927 to 1931. Part. 1 – Kenya Colony and Protectorate (1932), Report of the Land and Agriculture Bank of Southern Rhodesia (1926)‘Banking in West Africa’ (1926), Bank of British West Africa, Annual Report and Balance Sheet (1902), Bank of British West Africa, Annual Report and Balance Sheet (1935). Volume 5 Labour and Other Aspects of Development: Labour Supply 1 Labour Problems in British East Africa: Evidence and Report from East African Protectorate, Native Labour Commission (1914), The London Secretary of the Transvaal Chamber of Mines, Notes on the Labour Position in the Transvaal ([c. 1904]), Chinese Labour (1903), Native Labour in South Africa. A Report of a Public Meeting Jointly Convened by the Aborigines Protection Society and the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society (1903), Th e Economic Value of the Native Races of Africa in Relation to the Development of the Resources of that Continent (1908), The Industrialization of the African (1937), Report on Employment of Nigerian Labour in Fernando Poo (1939), An Outline of the Case of the British Indians in the Transvaal (1909), Indian Overseas Association, Indians in East Africa: Is the Segregation Policy to Prevail? Views of the Government of India ([early 1920s]), Working Conditions Report on the Native Labour Census Taken on 15th January, 1930 (1930), Wage Act, 1925: Furniture Industry (Including Bedding-Making, Mattress-Making, and Upholstery) (1927), The Native in Industry (1929), Reports (1) Of the Special Commissioner Appointed to Enquire into the Boycotting of Rand Storekeepers by Natives. (2) Of the Cost of Living Commission on the Investigation of Accounts of Mine Storekeepers on the Witwatersrand (1919), The Housing of African Natives on Farms and Estates (1926), The Recruitment, Employment and Care of Government Labour (1930.


    David Sunderland