Economic Geography Series

Economic Geography Series

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Innovative and stimulating, this series enlivens the field of economic geography and regional development, providing key volumes for academic use across a variety of disciplines. Exploring a broad range of interrelated topics, the series enhances our understanding of the dynamics of modern economies in developed and developing countries, as well as the dynamics of transition economies. It embraces both cutting edge research monographs and strongly themed edited volumes, thus offering significant added value to the field and to the individual topics addressed.

  • Worldwide Knowledge?: Global Firms, Local Labour and the Region book cover

    Worldwide Knowledge?

    Global Firms, Local Labour and the Region, 1st Edition

    By Martina Fuchs

    Putting forward a comprehensive view of knowledge with a specific perspective on place and space, this book provides a new perspective on the globalisation of knowledge. Crossing disciplinary boundaries, the principal agenda of this volume is to open up a perspective ’beyond knowledge’ - i.e.…

    Paperback – 2018-02-12
    Economic Geography Series

  • Proximity, Distance and Diversity: Issues on Economic Interaction and Local Development book cover

    Proximity, Distance and Diversity

    Issues on Economic Interaction and Local Development, 1st Edition

    By Päivi Oinas

    Edited by Arnoud Lagendijk

    Bringing together a wide range of empirical studies from around the world (Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, France, UK, Israel, Russia, China, Taiwan, Argentina, Canada), framed in related contemporary theoretical frameworks, this book examines the question of the significance of proximate vs.…

    Paperback – 2017-09-25
    Economic Geography Series

  • Tourism and Regional Development: New Pathways book cover

    Tourism and Regional Development

    New Pathways, 1st Edition

    By Maria Giaoutzi

    Edited by Peter Nijkamp

    Tourist visits used to be a less common activity in the past. However, more people than ever now make leisure trips, making this an era of mass tourism. This drastic change in spatial behaviour is not only caused by economic prosperity, but the scale of this phenomenon means that it is able to…

    Paperback – 2017-02-27
    Economic Geography Series

  • Network Strategies in Europe: Developing the Future for Transport and ICT book cover

    Network Strategies in Europe

    Developing the Future for Transport and ICT, 1st Edition

    By Maria Giaoutzi

    Edited by Peter Nijkamp

    The twenty-first century will be the age of global interaction and organized patterns of networks. This important book addresses the strategic dimensions of networks, especially in transportation and information communication technology in Europe. The authors examine the challenges brought about by…

    Paperback – 2016-11-28
    Economic Geography Series

  • The New European Rurality: Strategies for Small Firms book cover

    The New European Rurality

    Strategies for Small Firms, 1st Edition

    By Eleanor Morgan

    Edited by Teresa de Noronha Vaz

    Public concern over issues such as urban sprawl, the conversion of agricultural land and the management of public lands has never been greater. Presenting a novel synopsis of the economics of land-use this book examines the critical issues involved, such as transportation and technological change,…

    Paperback – 2016-11-17
    Economic Geography Series

  • Household Vulnerability and Resilience to Economic Shocks: Findings from Melanesia book cover

    Household Vulnerability and Resilience to Economic Shocks

    Findings from Melanesia, 1st Edition

    By Simon Feeny

    Focusing on the vulnerability and resilience to economic shocks at the household level, this book draws on extensive research activities carried out in two Melanesia countries: the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. In particular, it identifies the household impacts of the recent food, fuel and economic…

    Hardback – 2014-01-10
    Economic Geography Series

  • Towns in a Rural World book cover

    Towns in a Rural World

    1st Edition

    By Teresa de Noronha Vaz, Eveline van Leeuwen

    Focusing on the strategic position of towns in rural development, this book explores how they act as hotspots for knowledge creation, diffusion for vital business life and innovation, and social networks and community bonds. By doing so, towns - even the smallest - can cope with processes of…

    Hardback – 2013-07-26
    Economic Geography Series

  • Global Companies, Local Innovations: Why the Engineering Aspects of Innovation Making Require Co-location book cover

    Global Companies, Local Innovations

    Why the Engineering Aspects of Innovation Making Require Co-location, 1st Edition

    By Yasuyuki Motoyama

    Investigating the innovation activities of multinational corporations, this book uncovers and examines why the geography of innovation by multinationals is overwhelmingly local, in spite of their global operations in manufacturing and sales through case studies of produce development by three…

    Hardback – 2012-09-28
    Economic Geography Series

  • Economic Spaces of Pastoral Production and Commodity Systems: Markets and Livelihoods book cover

    Economic Spaces of Pastoral Production and Commodity Systems

    Markets and Livelihoods, 1st Edition

    By Richard Le Heron

    Edited by Jörg Gertel

    Pastoralism as a land use system is under recognized in terms of its contribution to food provision, livelihoods as well as to human security. This book is the first attempt to explore the dynamics of economic spaces of pastoral production and commodity systems for explicit South and North…

    Hardback – 2011-12-28
    Economic Geography Series

  • Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: Geography and Innovation book cover

    Knowledge-Intensive Business Services

    Geography and Innovation, 1st Edition

    By Mark Freel

    Edited by David Doloreux

    Over the last decade, there has been an increasing amount of research on knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) and innovation. This book brings together current thinking on this subject from geographic and territorial perspectives. Researchers from across Europe and North America present…

    Hardback – 2010-09-28
    Economic Geography Series

  • Interrogating Alterity: Alternative Economic and Political Spaces book cover

    Interrogating Alterity

    Alternative Economic and Political Spaces, 1st Edition

    By Duncan Fuller

    Edited by Andrew E.G. Jonas

    Alternative ways of thinking, analysing and performing economic geographies have become increasingly significant in recent years, partly due to the recent financial crisis, which has had social and political consequences throughout the world. Yet there is a danger that the debate about alternatives…

    Hardback – 2010-07-28
    Economic Geography Series

  • Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomeration and Externalities: Empirical Evidence from Mexican Manufacturing Industries book cover

    Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomeration and Externalities

    Empirical Evidence from Mexican Manufacturing Industries, 1st Edition

    By Jacob A. Jordaan

    By critically appraising current theories of both Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and agglomeration, this book explores the variety of links that exist between these two externality-creating phenomena. Using in-depth empirical research on Mexico, Jacob Jordaan constructs and analyzes several…

    Hardback – 2009-11-28
    Economic Geography Series

  • Traditional Food Production and Rural Sustainable Development: A European Challenge book cover

    Traditional Food Production and Rural Sustainable Development

    A European Challenge, 1st Edition

    By Teresa de Noronha Vaz, Peter Nijkamp

    The worldwide interest in sustainable development has not only prompted ecological developments in policy and research in key sectors such as industry or transportation, but also in the management and assessment of new lifestyles such as healthy food consumption and sustainable use of products. In…

    Hardback – 2009-01-09
    Economic Geography Series

  • Upgrading Clusters and Small Enterprises in Developing Countries: Environmental, Labor, Innovation and Social Issues book cover

    Upgrading Clusters and Small Enterprises in Developing Countries

    Environmental, Labor, Innovation and Social Issues, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira

    SME's are acknowledged as effective sources of jobs and incomes, gaining an important position in the development agenda, subsequently 'cluster' policies were conceived as a framework to augment the effects of SMEs and to optimize resources used to support them. Based on case studies from Brazil,…

    Hardback – 2008-12-19
    Economic Geography Series