1st Edition

Economic Sociology in Europe Recent Trends and Developments

    276 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This volume examines the interplay of society and economy against the backdrop of recent crises as well as technological, political and social change in Europe. Covering a range of case studies from different European countries and regions, the contributions analyse the effects of recent challenges such as the Corona Pandemic, the rise of economic nationalism, the functioning of illegal markets, as well as changes in markets and other economic institutions. The book presents the current state of European economic sociological perspectives as well as an overview of the latest theoretical and methodological advancements in the field. It will appeal to students and scholars of economic sociology, economics, political science, political economy, and comparative capitalism research.

    1. Introduction: Economic sociology in Europe – Current trends and future challenges

    Andrea Maurer, Sebastian Nessel and Alberto Veira-Ramos

    Part I: Studies on Markets

    2. Embedding authenticity in production logics. The case of the microbrewery resurgence in Belgium
    Pauline Delperdange and Marc Zune

    3. The power of digital platforms. What do darknet drug platforms have in common with platform giants?

    Meropi Tzanetakis and Stefan Marx

    4. Building trust by assembling signs of trustworthiness in illegalized exchanges: the case of the illegalized house cleaning market in Geneva

    Loïc Pignolo

    Part II: Studies on societal and political institutions

    5. Beyond the gift/commodity binary: sustaining altruism in blood and plasma donation through alternative exchange systems

    Sam Gorleer, Piet Bracke and Lesley Hustinx

    6. New art foundations and public museums valuating artists in Paris. Competing strategies in an overlapping zone between the national and the international fields

    Brianne Dubois

    7. The moral economy of popular music consumption in post-2010 Hungary: everyday nationalism, familialism, and apoliticism

    Emília Barna and Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják

    Part III: Studies on crises from an economic sociological perspective

    8. The impact of social identity: how unemployment affects civic participation beyond financial strain

    Carlotta Giustozzi

    9. Changing economic imaginaries: making sense of consumption during the COVID-19 crisis

    Ella Lillqvist and Päivi Timonen

    10. Cultural entrepreneurship in times of change and crisis: self-employed Dutch artists during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Sara Malou Strandvad, Nathalie Schram and Erik Gustafsson

    Part IV: Advances in Economic Sociology in Europe

    11. Economic sociology in Europe and North America: an exploration based on a systematic review of the literature

    Manuel Fernández-Esquinas, Paula Espinosa-Soriano, José Luis Ortega and Matilde Massó


    Andrea Maurer is Full Professor of Sociology at University of Trier, Germany. Sebastian Nessel is Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Socioeconomics at Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. Alberto Veira Ramos is Tenured Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.