1st Edition

Economic and Financial Analysis for Criminal Justice Organizations

    754 Pages 283 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    From small law offices to federal agencies, all entities within the justice system are governed by complicated economic factors and face daily financial decision-making. A complement to Strategic Finance for Criminal Justice Organizations, this volume considers the justice system from a variety of economic and financial perspectives and introduces quantitative methods designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

    Using only a minimum of theory, Economic and Financial Analysis for Criminal Justice Organizations demonstrates how to make decisions in the justice system using multiple financial and economic models. Designed for readers with little knowledge of advanced mathematics, quantitative analysis, or spreadsheets, the book presents examples using straightforward, step-by-step processes with Excel and Linux Calc spreadsheet software.

    A variety of different types of decisions are considered, ranging from municipal bond issuance and valuation necessary for public revenues, pension planning, capital investment, determining the best use of monies toward construction projects, and other resource planning, allocation, and forecasting issues.

    From municipalities and police departments to for-profit prisons and security firms, the quantitative methods presented are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all organizations in the justice domain.

    Show Me Your License: Introductory Concepts

    Innocent or Guilty? Perspectives of Decisions

    A 25-to-Life Sentence: Strategic Economic and Financial Decisions

    The Restitution Order: Capitalization and Executive Responsibility

    How Do We Slice the Pie? Foundations of Economics

    Tools of the Trade: Foundations of Financial Decisions

    Following the Money: Capital Budgeting

    Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later? The Minimum Attractive Rate of Return

    Lucky Number 7: Concepts of Probability and Mathematical Reasoning

    The Odds Are Against Us: Probability Distributions and Mathematical Reasoning

    Is This the Line? Queuing Theory

    Risky Business: Sensitivity and Scenario Analyses

    Not 007, But … Bond Analysis

    Buy Low or Sell High? Stock Analysis

    How Do We Measure Up? Ratio Analysis

    Buyer Beware: Leasing versus Purchasing

    Is It Worth Your Time? Cost–Benefit and Break-Even Analyses

    The Crystal Ball: Predictive Analysis

    How Do We Relate? With Correlation!

    Show Me the Money: Benefits Analysis

    The Shift Briefing: Multiple Perspectives

    Appendix A: Additional Techniques of Analysis—Modified Internal Rate of Return

    Appendix B: Tickets versus Warnings—Options Analysis

    Appendix C: Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) Tables

    Appendix D: Analytical Tree Constructs

    Appendix E: Bayes Theorem

    Appendix F: Hypothesis Testing



    Daniel Adrian Doss, William H. Sumrall III, David H. McElreath, Don W. Jones