1st Edition

Economic and Policy Developments in East Asia

Edited By Noel Gaston Copyright 2015

    In this collection, academics and policy-makers from Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore present research results on a variety of topics based around three key themes: macroeconomics and trade, labour and social issues, and taxes and government spending. The chapters are empirically-oriented and include both cross-country studies and individual country studies. They include examinations of key topics, such as the problem of corruption, the relationship between trade liberalisation and growth and the impact of migration on the Asian welfare state, as well as studies of Chinese manufacturing exports and the income volatility of Indonesian banks. The scholarship containing in this collection is a crucial resource to researchers and commentators on the economies in our Asia-Pacific region.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy.

    1. Introduction Noel Gaston

    2. Recent trends in consumption in Japan and the other G7 countries Charles Yuji Horioka

    3. Government size, fiscal policy and the level and growth of output: a review of recent evidence Norman Gemmell and Joey Au

    4. Trade liberalisation and growth: a threshold exploration Rod Falvey, Neil Foster-McGregor and Ahmed Khalid

    5. Trade, finance, specialization and synchronization in the Asia-Pacific Shihan Xie, Tianyin Cheng and Wai-Mun Chia

    6. International migration and the welfare state: Asian perspectives Noel Gaston and Gulasekaran Rajaguru

    7. Corruption, democracy and Asia-Pacific countries Neil Campbell and Shrabani Saha

    8. Trends in income inequality in China: the effects of various sources of income Pundarik Mukhopadhaya

    9. The export response to exchange rates and product fragmentation: the case of Chinese manufactured exports Nobuaki Yamashita and Sisira Jayasuriya

    10. Income volatility of Indonesian banks after the Asian Financial Crisis Barry Williams


    Noel Gaston completed his doctorate at Cornell University, USA, and has worked at universities in Australia, the United States, Germany, Canada, South Korea and Japan. His research interests primarily have to do with the analysis of the effects of globalisation on labour markets. He is the founding Director of the Globalisation and Development Centre (GDC) at Bond University, Australia. In 2012, he was the Principal Adviser Research at the Australian Productivity Commission. In February 2014, he joined Curtin University as Research Professor and the Director of the new Centre of Asian Business.