Economics, Social Sciences and Information Management : Proceedings of the 2015 International Congress on Economics, Social Sciences and Information Management (ICESSIM 2015), 28-29 March 2015, Bali, Indonesia book cover
1st Edition

Economics, Social Sciences and Information Management
Proceedings of the 2015 International Congress on Economics, Social Sciences and Information Management (ICESSIM 2015), 28-29 March 2015, Bali, Indonesia

ISBN 9781138028760
Published December 17, 2015 by CRC Press
108 Pages

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Book Description

The 2015 International Congress on Economics, Social Sciences and Information Management (ICESSIM 2015), held 28-29 March 2015 in Bali, Indonesia, aimed to provide a platform for the sharing of valuable knowledge and experience in the context of changing economics and social settings.

Information technology has changed many aspects in our life, including how we communicate, working, socializing, education, and business. Along with the improvement of internet, information management is very important to keep the economy moving in a positive direction and to monitor social change in society. Information management business refers to the definition of control of the business by utilizing Internet media / Information Technology to conduct business activities, or carrying out our business activities online. To utilize internet in economics, business and socializing, collaborations between engineering, the social sciences, and economics are absolutely necessary. Researchers should be more active in conducting research in all the fields and collaborating between one another across disciplines.

This proceedings volume contains contributions on the topics of business, economics, development studies, social sciences, and information technology, and will be of interest to a range of scholars, academics, practitioners, and business managers.

Table of Contents

Social economics
Strategic use of context integration capabilities of the industrial designer
T. Ando and K. Yaegashi
Ethnic prejudice and tolerance in national literature
C.F. Peng
Exploring the use of ‘Wiggio’ to support online collaborative learning for adult learners
S.H. Halili, R.A. Razak and Z. Zainuddin
Resilience and family functioning among young adults in Malaysia
T.S. Tien, R.A.M. Jaladin, H.S.L. Abdullah and N. Amit
The role and function of the counseling psychologist in a hospital setting
N.A. Rosli
Implementation of information and communication technology in Islamic University of Indonesia
A. Darmadji and Y. Andriansyah
Estimation of innovative potential: Spatio-dynamic approach
V. Glinskiy, L. Serga, E. Chemezova and K. Zaykov
The mediating effects of self-esteem on the relationship between parenting styles and academic
achievement of form four students in Klang Valley
U. Shanmugam and F. Hutagalung
Delinquency: Does religion play a vital role in misbehaviour?
M.A. Malik, A.R. Zakaria, M.F. Mohamed and R. Saad
The evolution of society and the development of literature
S.E. Motornaya
Characterizing the university sector in Chile through cluster analysis
H. de la Fuente-Mella, D. Cademartori-Rosso, B. Silva-Palavecinos,
R. Campos-Espinoza and A. Paz-Cruz

Determinants of job performance among state-owned charity organizations employee:
Evidence from Malaysia
M.N. Abd Halim and K. Nur Zehan
Necessity of the introduction of the progressive income tax system: A case of Latvia
J. Grasis and J. Bojars
Green entrepreneurship proclivity among Generation Y nascent entrepreneurs of Malaysia
N.H. Ahmad, H.A. Halim, S.A. Rahman and T. Ramayah
Traffic congestion classification using data mining techniques
B. Morris, A. Paz-Cruz, A. Mirakhorli and H. de la Fuente-Mella
Why brain drain? Malaysian experience
F. Quoquab, H.A.A. Tarmizi and N. Mahadi
The relation of work culture towards job satisfaction and job performance among
teachers in vocational college
K.A. Bakar, A.R. Zakaria and A.M. Sulaiman
Mining Malaysian Board forums for asynchronous communication
A. Shanthi, L.K. Wah, D. Lajium and X. Thayalan
Mismatch between housing affordability and affordable houses in Malaysian property
market: A review
N. Azmi, A.A. Bujang, W.R.A. Jiram and H.A. Zarin
School readiness among Indigenous children
M.N. Mariani, R.S. Banun, S. Norhashimi, S.S. Fairos, M.R. Nor Mashitah, C. Jain,
M.S. Nur Zahirah, Y. Che’Mah and S.Y. Hafiza
Developing a systematic assessment system for the LINUS program
M.N. Mariani, S.S. Fairos, S. Norhashimi, C. Jain, M.R. Nor Mashitah, R.S. Banun,
M.S. Nur Zahirah, Y. Che’Mah and S.Y. Hafiza
Perception of sexual harassment among women employees: Implications for counseling
services in organizations
F. Hutagalung and I.H.A. Tharbe
Volatility and co-movement in staple food commodities prices using DCC framework
K. Jati and G. Premaratne
Issues in urban poverty and its relation to juvenile issues identification
H. Sulaiman and S.H. Halili
Online games in pre-service teacher training: A proposed framework
F.D. Yusop, A.Y. Khalfan and R.A. Razak
Design and development of an Islamic education instructional multimedia
for Malaysian secondary schools
F.D. Yusop, N. Ramlan and R.A. Razak
Mobile learning for teaching and learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
(STEM): A review of literature
K. Nithia, F.D. Yusop and R.A. Razak
Internet-based products in Islamic commercial banks in Indonesia
Y. Andriansyah
Usage of video clips in teaching science for primary school students in Malaysia
N. Revatde, W. Xiaoyu, U. Nair and N. Zahra
Employment scenario for persons with disabilities through Person with Disabilities Act of 2008
H.J.B. Jaafar, H.B.A. Wahab, N.B. Yaacob and Z.A. Ayub

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