1st Edition

Economics as Ideology and Experience Essays in Honour of Ashok Mitra

Edited By Deepak Nayyar Copyright 1998

    This collection of essays, collected and published in tribute to the economist Ashok Mitra is inevitably diverse, given the wide range of interests of his professional friends and colleagues. There is however one common thread that runs through the articles; a shared belief that ideology and experience, just as much as theory and policy, are inseparable in economics.

    Contributors -- Preface -- Ashok Mitra: A Biographical Sketch/Deepak Nayyar -- Ideology -- The National Context -- Unemployment as Failure to Exchange/Prabhat Patnaik -- The Political Economy of Consumer Subsidies in the USSR/Nirmal K. Chandra -- The Planning Principle: An Unresolved Debate/C.P. Chandrasekhar -- Markets: Evolution, Limits and Relationship to Governance/Arun Ghosh -- The International Context -- Some Lessons from the Two Economic Systems/Amit Bhaduri -- International Trade and Factor Mobility: Economic Theory and Political Reality/Deepak Nayyar -- Local and Global Monopolies and the Prospects of Global Democracy/Amiya Kumar Bagchi -- Experience -- The Indian Context -- Terms of Trade and Demand Patterns/N. Krishnaji, T.N. Krishnan -- Targeting Internal Public Borrowing/Iqbal S. Gulati -- The State and the Poor/Pramit Chaudhuri -- The Political Economy of India: From the Law of Value to Structuralist Macroeconomics/Ranjit Sau -- Planning in India: Retrospect and Prospects/A. Vaidyanathan -- The Comparative Dimension -- The Need for the Comparative Method in the Social Sciences: An Essay with the Agrarian Question in India in Mind/Terence J. Byres -- Alternative Strategies of Agrarian Change in Relation to Resources for Development in India and China/Utsa Patnaik -- Capital Flows and Macro-Economies: A Historical View/Jayati Ghosh, Abhijit Sen -- Privatising the Third World: The Role of Ideology in the Bretton Woods Reform Agenda/Rehman Sobhan.


    Deepak Nayyar,