1st Edition

Economics of Aquaculture

By Curtis M Jolly, Howard A Clonts Copyright 1993

    Economics of Aquaculture presents basic economic theory in a concise and logical format which is easily adaptable to practical application. Examples of economic solutions to common problems help you understand the need for economic application to aquaculture and the success that may come with sound economic planning and management. It also provides coverage of virtually all basic principles of microeconomics, farm management finance, and marketing applicable to the aquacultural industry. You will “walk” through the intricate maze of decisions which are necessary for success in the business environment.

    The regular and on-going business of aquacultural production and marketing is addressed as a continuous problem set for the student or producer. Business decisions are shown to be logical extensions of those in production and vice versa. A successful producer must be a successful business person if production is to remain an option. Thus, the real and logical need for economics in production is carefully presented.

    Additionally, producers and students alike will find that application of careful economic planning results in long-term viability for individual producers as well as community projects, cooperatives, or even governmental projects. Special sections in the book illustrate the savings or costs of right and wrong decisions as well as those related to short versus longer term planning and investment. Other topics covered in this book include:

    • role of aquaculture in economic development
    • fish demand and supply
    • farm management and operation
    • time value of money in the short- and long-term
    • capital budgeting
    • market structure and price theory
    • government in aquaculture

      Along with students, other readers will find the business help they need in Economics of Aquaculture. Professional aquaculturalists will find the topics of basic production economics, marketing, and cost analysis particularly relevant and governmental administrators will find the presentation of basic principles, time value of money, capital budgeting, and the role of government in aquaculture a valuable resource for years to come.

    Economics of Aquaculture, Demand and Supply of Fish, Production, Cost of Production, Factor-Factor Relationship, Farm Management, The Time Value of Money, Capital Budgeting, Market Structure and Theory of Price, Marketing, Government in Aquaculture


    Curtis M. Jolly (Author) ,  Howard A. Clonts (Author)