1st Edition

Economics of Natural & Environmental Resources (Routledge Revivals)

Edited By

Vernon L. Smith

ISBN 9780415842280
Published November 11, 2014 by Routledge
520 Pages

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Book Description

First written in 1977, Economics of Natural and Environmental Resources presents a collection of articles written in exploration of the economic, social, and ecological problems peculiar to natural and environmental resources. Whilst focusing on the economic theory of natural resources, the contributions also consider geological, technological, and institutional features of particular resources. Policy implications and considerations are central to the text and although the book was published over thirty years ago, the issues discussed remain relevant to today’s society.

Table of Contents

Part I: Theory of Exhaustible Resources  1. Some Extensions of the Economic Theory of Exhaustible Resources R. Cummings  2. The Theory of Exhaustible Resource Use: A Basic Model N. Vousden  3. An Optimistic Theory of Exhaustible Resources V. Smith  4. The Optimal Depletion of Exhaustible Resources P. Dasgupta and G. Heal  Part II: Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics  5. Petroleum Conservation in theory and Practice J. McKie and S. McDDonald  6. Public Policy Problems of the Domestic Crude Oil Industry P. Davidson  7. An Economic Model of Production and Investment for Petroleum Reservoirs R. Kuller and R. Cummings  Part III: Biological Resource Economics  8. A Generalized Wickselling Capital Model - An Application to Forestry H. Wan  9. Optimal Utilization and the Control of Fisheries A. Scott  10. Optimization and Suboptimization in Fishery Regulation R. Turvey  11. Optimization and Suboptimization in Fishery Regulation: Comment J. Boyd  12. General Equilibrium with a Replenishable Natural Resource V. Smith  13. Mathematical Models of a Fishery J. Crutchfield and A. Zellner  14. Exploitation of Common-Property Replenishable Natural Resources C. Plourde  15. The Primitive Hunter Culture, Pleistocene Extinction, and the rise of Agriculture V. Smith  Part IV: Water Resource Economics  16. Optimal Resource Use Over Time with an Application to Ground Water O. Burt  17. Temporal Allocation of Ground Water O. Burt  18. A Socially Optimal Pricing Policy for a Public Water Agency G. Brown and C. McGuire  Part V: General theory of Production from Natural Resources  19. Economics of Production from Natural Resources V. Smith  20. Production and Investment in Natural Resource Industries O. Burt and R. Cummings  Part VI: The Environment  21. Production, Consumption and Externalities R. Ayres and A. Kneese  22. Littering, Derelicts and the Pricing System V. Smith  23. Dynamics of Waste Accumulation: Disposal Versus Recycling V. Smith  24. The Optimal Control of Pollution E. Keeler, M. Spence and R. Zeckhauser  25. A Polluted Golden Age W. Brock  26. The Economics of Environmental Preservation: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis A. Fisher, J. Krutilla and C. Cicchetti  27. Environmental Preservation, Uncertainty, and Irreversibility K. Arrow and A. Fisher  28. Economics of Wilderness Resources V. Smith

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