This book is one of the first to supply the means for evaluating recreational resources in economic terms. Originally published in 1967.

    I: The Setting; 1: Introduction; 2: Leisure in Modern America; 3: The Role and Character of Outdoor Recreation; II: Demands for Outdoor Recreation; 4: Some Elements of Recreation Demand; 5: The Nature of Demand for Outdoor Recreation; 6: Behavior of Some Causal Factors in Demand; 7: Alternative Methods of Estimating Future Use; III: Recreation Resources; 8: Use of Resources for Recreation; 9: Preservation of Recreation Quality; 10: Existing Areas and Their Use; IV: Some Economic Considerations; 11: The Value of Land and Water Resources When Used for Recreation; 12: Economic Impacts of Outdoor Recreation on Local Areas; 13: Cost and Investment Considerations in Providing Public Recreation Facilities; 14: Pricing and Paying for Public Outdoor Recreation Facilities; V: Outdoor Recreation for the Future; 15: Research for Outdoor Recreation; 16: Major Issues of Public Policy


    Marion Clawson, Jack L. Knetsch

    'While some of us are concerned for the well-being of the environment in the future, others, including Marion Clawson and Jack Knetsch, wonder whether there will be any wilderness left to enjoy... With greater leisure and greater mobility, areas in which to spend this leisure time should increase, and demand for use of present areas will increase. How can these demands be met, knowing, as some do, that sensitive areas are already overcrowded?' Ecology 'This book explores policy issues and methods of analysis on timely recreation questions. The authors consider the tremendous demand for outdoor recreation opportunity, the availability of leisure time, and rising affluence. The increased demand comes at a time when cities and industrial centers are spreading out over larger areas. Which parts of the country are best suited to outdoor recreation? Which areas ought to be preserved? Who is to pay, and how much?' Outdoor News Bulletin 'The authors...have succeeded in presenting not only the first definitive text on this complex and ill-defined subject, but they have also produced a logical, comprehensive, highly readable book that will remain the authority in its field for many years to come.' Rural Sociology 'An excellent job...written so that it can be understood by individuals with a very limited background in economics.' American Journal of Agricultural Economics