1st Edition

Ecosystem Goods and Services from Plantation Forests

Edited By Jurgen Bauhus, Peter van der Meer, Markku Kanninen Copyright 2010
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    Plantation forests often have a negative image. They are typically assumed to be poor substitutes for natural forests, particularly in terms of biodiversity conservation, carbon storage, provision of clean drinking water and other non-timber goods and services. Often they are monocultures that do not appear to invite people for recreation and other direct uses. Yet as this book clearly shows, they can play a vital role in the provision of ecosystem services, when compared to agriculture and other forms of land use or when natural forests have been degraded.

    This is the first book to examine explicitly the non-timber goods and services provided by plantation forests, including soil, water and biodiversity conservation, as well as carbon sequestration and the provision of local livelihoods. The authors show that, if we require a higher provision of ecosystem goods and services from both temperate and tropical plantations, new approaches to their management are required. These include policies, methods for valuing the services, the practices of small landholders, landscape approaches to optimise delivery of goods and services, and technical issues about how to achieve suitable solutions at the scale of forest stands. While providing original theoretical insights, the book also gives guidance for plantation managers, policy-makers, conservation practitioners and community advocates, who seek to promote or strengthen the multiple-use of forest plantations for improved benefits for society. Published with CIFOR

    1. Plantation Forests: Global Perspectives 2. Quantifying and Valuing Goods and Services Provided by Plantation Forests 3. Managing Forest Plantations for Carbon Sequestration Today and in the Future 4. Planted Forests and Water 5. Silvicultural Options to Enhance and Use Forest Plantation Biodiversity 6. Smallholder Plantations in the Tropics - Local People between Outgrower Schemes and Reforestation Programs 7. Policies to Enhance the Provision of Ecosystem Goods and Services from Plantations 8. Ecosystem Goods and Services - The Key for Sustainable Plantations


    Jürgen Bauhus is professor of silviculture at Freiburg University, Germany. Peter van der Meer is a senior scientist in tropical forest ecology and sustainable use of biodiversity at Alterra, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Markku Kanninen is senior scientist at the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), whose headquarters are in Indonesia.

    "This publication, produced by a renowned group of forest researchers and academics presents a fresh, balanced and well documented vision concerning the roles, potential benefits and challenges of planted forests, looking at the potential contribution of these valuable resources to the continuous and enhanced flow of ecosystem goods and services... I trust that readers will enjoy the book as much as I did." Emmanuel Ze Meka, Executive Director, International Tropical Timber Organization

    "Planted forests provide society with a lot more than just timber - they are a rich source of ecosystem services and this fact needs to be more widely recognised. This book meets that important need." Jeff Sayer, Professor of Development Practice, James Cook University, Australia

    "With a detailed glossary which is particularly helpful, the editors have produced an articulate collection of well-referenced chapters from a renowned group of forest researchers and scientists. This book is highly relevant to managing current trends in environmental management and sustenance." — Jolocam Mbabazi, International Journal of Environmental Studies, 2011