1st Edition

Education and Training in Japan

    1160 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Global interest in Japanese education and industrial training has grown steadily over the last twenty years. The English-language articles included here, written by Japanese and foreign scholars, contain historical studies, and a range of other topics and disciplinary perspectives. An introduction provides a general context for the essays which follow, and represents some recent thinking on the successes and costs of Japanese education and training from school to office and shop floor.
    This set covers:
    * the contribution of Japanese education and training to the economy and culture of Japan today
    * the lessons Japan has to offer the rest of the world
    * the Japanese influence on the 'East Asian Approach' to education, in comparison with the educational systems of Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong
    * Japan's promotion of 'learning organizations' and 'knowledge workers' for the information age