1st Edition

Education and Training in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

By Thorana S Nelson Copyright 2005
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    The one-of-a-kind book that provides training exercises illustrating solution-focused brief therapy!

    As we recognize our own problem behavior in our lives, most of us struggle for ways to change it. Solution-focused brief therapy is the highly effective practice that works by changing concentration from ’problem’ behavior to ’solution’ behavior in just a few sessions. Education and Training in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy presents articles, essays, and a multitude of exercises that explain this unique type of therapy with an eye toward helping readers to use the ideas for use in their own training and practice. Detailed descriptions of training workshops and exercises spotlight the experiences of SFBT therapists to illuminate in-depth basic concepts and strategies.

    Education and Training in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy relies on two fundamental ideas, that of a therapist discovering and reinforcing a clients’ existing solutions and exceptions to the problem. Expert trainers discuss strategies that work for training and practicing Solution-focused brief therapy. Several exercises for clients are examined, as well as exercises for the training and supervision of other practitioners learning the process. Exercises include The Name Game, the Complaining Exercise, Inside and Outside, the ’Deck of Trumps,’ and the Solution-Focused Scavenger Hunt. Each chapter explains the circumstances in which to use each exercise, the best ways to enhance effectiveness, and how to stay on track in the teaching or training. This one-of-a-kind book includes helpful tables, thorough questionnaires, penetrating case studies, and each chapter is extensively referenced.

    Education and Training in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy discusses brief therapy principles such as:

    • negotiating goals
    • engagement through complimenting
    • future orientation
    • language should be imaginative and positive
    • explanations and actions taken to solve problems are interconnected
    • challenging the perceived causes of problems
    • reframing the problem so that it becomes a friend
    • acknowledgement and acceptance of client
    Education and Training in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy brings together essential ideas, suggestions, strategies, and exercises for solution-focused brief therapy training, making this an invaluable resource for solution-focused brief therapists and therapists who teach and train this form of therapy.

    • Introduction: The Birth of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association (Thorana S. Nelson)
    • The Founders’ Meetings (Thorana S. Nelson)
    • Reflection on SFBTA Involvement (Shelley R. Clymer)
    • A Student’s Response to the SFBT Training Meetings: The Future Looks Bright (Sara A. Smock)
    • Solution-Focused Group Therapy (Ron Banks)
    • Working with Multiple Stakeholders (Rayya Ghul)
    • A Thumbnail Map for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (Lance Taylor)
    • NGP Triangle Exercise (Tomasz Switek)
    • ’Voices’: An Exercise in Developing Solution-Focused Conversations with the Mentally Ill (Alasdair J. Macdonald)
    • Negotiating Goals in Conjoint Therapy: From Virtual to Actual Practice (Roger Lowe)
    • Engagement Through Complimenting (Insoo Kim Berg and Peter DeJong)
    • Openers (Lance Taylor)
    • The Name Game (Heather Fiske and Brenda Zalter)
    • Moan, Moan, Moan (Rayya Ghul)
    • Complaining Exercise (Josée Lamarre)
    • Eat Just One Raisin (Eric C. McCollum)
    • Inside and Outside (Steve de Shazer)
    • Pathologies to Descriptions: Moving from Problem to Solution DSM (Diagnostic Solution Method) (Thorana S. Nelson)
    • The Disease Concept and SFT: Difference in Action (Kathryn C. Shafer)
    • Listening and Constructing with Timeouts (Peter DeJong)
    • Ever Appreciating Circles (Paul Hackett)
    • Success and Failure (Sue Young)
    • Curious Questioning (Lance Taylor)
    • Harry’s Magic Square (Harry Korman)
    • “Deck of Trumps”—One of the Ways for Being Helpful to Clients and Professionals in Becoming as They Want to Be! (Tomasz Switek)
    • Playing Trumps Scenario: One of Many Possibilities! (Tomasz Switek)
    • Scaling in Action (Brenda Zalter and Heather Fiske)
    • A Scaling Walk (Paul Jackson)
    • Notes from Rayya (Rayya Ghul)
    • The State of Miracles in Relationships (Insoo Kim Berg)
    • “Picturing the Future” Exercise (Janet Campbell)
    • A Solution-Focused Group Message (Heather Fiske and Brenda Zalter)
    • Solution-Focused Scavenger Hunt (Heather Fiske and Brenda Zalter)
    • Group Gift Exercise (Heather Fiske and Brenda Zalter)
    • Exercise of Appreciation (Frank Thomas)
    • Solution-Focused Shopping (Heather Fiske and Brenda Zalter)
    • Clinical Training in Solution-Focused Therapy (Josée Lamarre)
    • Three Case Studies (Joel Simon)
    • Five Small-Group Exercises for Experiential Learning of SFBT (Heather Fiske)
    • Brief Training in Brief Therapies (Steve Myers)
    • Doing Something Different (Judith Milner)
    • Introducing Solution-Focused Thinking: A Half-Day Workshop (Rayya Ghul)
    • Solution-Focused Training for Social Workers (John Wheeler)
    • Becoming Solution-Focused: Some Beginning Thoughts (Lee Shilts and Kaisha A. Thomas)
    • Success Enhancing Supervision (John R. Briggs and Gale Miller)
    • Solution-Focused Supervision: Returning the Focus to Client Goals (Jay D. Trenhaile)
    • The Listen and Describe Approach to Training in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (Dan Gallagher)
    • Creating a Different Reality: Expanding Points of View (Jennifer Andrews)
    • Teaching Practice via Success Stories (Peter DeJong)
    • Solution-Focused Practice Teaching in Social Work (John Wheeler and Yvonne Greaves)
    • Thoughts from a Solution-Focused Supervisor (Teri Pichot)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Thorana S Nelson