2nd Edition

Edward Elgar A Thematic Catalogue and Research Guide

By Christopher Kent Copyright 2013

    This updated second edition is an in-depth exploration of Elgar's compositions and of writings by and about the composer and his music. The past 16 years have seen a steady increase in scholarly publications and the emergence of The Elgar Society Journal, as well as further discoveries of the composer's MSS and letters, and the new edition incorporates this latest research. The compositions are examined in a work-by-work catalog, in chronological order, in which each entry gives a complete census and collation of manuscript, proof, text, biographical, printed edition and bibliographical sources for each item. The listing also includes unfinished sketches and details of much unpublished material. The bibliography section covers selected established literature as well as details of reviews and articles contained in the European periodicals at the climax of Elgar's career.


    Christopher Kent was nominated unanimously by the Scrutiny Panel of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Research Centres for the 2014 C.B. Oldman Prize for the most outstanding reference resource published in 2014.  He received the award at their Annual Conference held at the University of Aston, Birmingham in April.

    Part 1: Elgar’s Compositions 1866-1933  Part 2: Elgar Bibliography A. Letters and Source Materials B. Writings by Elgar C. Monographs D. General Literature E. Collections of Articles F. Stage Works G. Choral and Vocal Works H. Orchestral Works I. Chamber, Instrumental and Keyboard Music J. Discographies K. The Elgar Society Newsletter L. The Elgar Complete Edition  Part 3: Elgar Archives Section One: Documents at the Elgar Birthplace: A. Books B. Letters C. Concert Programmes D. Opera Libretti E. Miscellaneous Articles F. Cuttings Files G. Scrap Books H. Miscellaneous Section Two: Documents at the Elgar Birthplace Museum: A. Letters B. Diaries, Notes, Maps and Miscellaneous Papers C. Further Letters D. Envelopes E. The Grafton Papers F. Microfilms of Documents at the Elgar Birthplace Section Three: Some Further Collections  Part 4: Indexes Index of Elgar's Compositions Index of Writers Index of Proper Names


    Christopher Kent

    "One could hardly wish for a more thorough presentation of material than that found in Kent's research guide to Elgar...Garland's guides to research have provided such important and reliable information in the past. Kent's contribution takes its not-unworthy place among this excellent company." -- American Reference Books Annual