1st Edition

Effective Directors The Right Questions to Ask (QTA)

Edited By Charlotte Valeur, Claire Fargeot Copyright 2022
    376 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    376 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

    Being a good board member is not about knowing everything; it is about asking the right questions and challenging appropriately. Effective Directors: The Right Questions To Ask (QTA) is a reference book for board members and executives globally to support them in their work.

    With chapters written by senior company board members and respected figures in corporate governance, the questions have been drawn together to offer food for thought and useful prompts that take boards beyond operational discussions. The book clearly presents key areas to be considered by the board (there are over 50 in total) and range from board composition, to data security, diversity and inclusion, and succession planning. The questions are ones that boards, in any organisation, should be asking themselves, their fellow board members, service providers, executives, and other stakeholders to ensure that the right issues are raised, transparency and effective oversight are achieved, and the board is fulfilling its role in governing the organisation.

    In addition to being invaluable for board members, the book is also a very useful tool for executives in understanding the kind of questions their board members are likely to ask, and the kind of questions that should be asked and discussed in the boardroom.

    Part I: The Board

    1. Board Composition

    Chris Hodge

    2. Board Appointment

    Carol Rosati OBE

    3. Director Self Assessment

    Alison Gill OLY

    4. Assessing the Chair’s Performance

    Charlotte Valeur

    5. Due Diligence for New Appointments and New Directors

    Charlotte Valeur

    6. Succession Planning for the Board

    Ray Crofts

    7. Board Evaluation
    Dr. Tracy Long CBE

    Part II: Officers of the Company

    8. Chief Executive Succession Planning

    Kit Bingham

    9. Chief Executive Review

    Charlotte Valeur

    10. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

    Marianne Egelund Siig

    11. Health and Wellbeing

    Alison Charles

    12. Human Resources

    Reena Dayal

    13. Remuneration for Executives and Management

    Brian Kearney

    14. Succession Planning for Executives

    Tim Drake

    Part III: Leadership

    15. Leadership in the Boardroom

    Dr. Randall Peterson

    16. Tone from the Top

    Sir John Parker

    17. Culture

    Charlotte Valeur

    18. Ethics and Why they Matter

    Knut N. Kjaer

    Part IV: Strategy

    19. Purpose

    R. "Bob Garrett

    20. Strategy

    Jean Pousson

    21. Valueism

    Paul Barnett

    22. Intellectual Property

    Dr. Janice Denoncourt

    23. Data Ethics

    Tony Fish

    Part V: Sustainability

    24. Environmental, Social and Governance

    Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

    25. Climate Change

    Dr. Geoff Kendall and Martin Rich

    26. Sustainability

    Sara Lovisolo

    27. Social Impact

    Oonagh Harpur

    Part VI: Board Meetings

    28. Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

    Natalie Sykes

    29. Board Meetings and the Agenda

    Dineshi Ramesh

    30. Board Support

    Siobhan Lavery

    31. Third Party Providers

    Charlotte Valeur

    32. Board Committees: Purpose, Tasks and Value

    Jenny Simnett, Filipe Morais, Andrew Kakabadse

    33. Matters Reserved for the Board

    David Doughty

    34. Soft Governance

    Dr. Meena Thuraisingham

    Part VII: Accounts

    35. Accounts

    Ian Wright

    36. External Auditors

    Helen Gale

    37. Solvency and Going Concern

    Heather MacCallum

    38. Insolvency

    Amaechi Nsofor

    39. Viability

    Steve Maslin

    40. Finance

    Jean Pousson

    Part VIII: Compliance and Risk Management

    41. Compliance

    Charlotte Valeur

    42. Cyber security

    Anjola Adeniyi

    43. IT Governance

    Tony Fish

    44. Financial Performance Management

    Virginia Bombin Moreno

    45. Risk Oversight, Management and Controls

    Rajiv Jaitly

    Part IX: Communications

    46. Reputation

    Alice Hunt

    47. Corporate Brand

    Elliot S. Schreiber

    48. Social Media

    Marshall Manson and Craig Mullaney

    49. Shareholder Relations and Communication

    Claire Fargeot

    50. Stakeholder Engagement and Management

    Alice Hunt

    Part X: External Pressure and Disruption

    51. Crisis Management

    Charlotte Valeur

    52. Digitalisation

    Claudia Heimer

    53. Disruption

    Simon Devonshire

    54. Artificial Intelligence

    Lord Clement Jones


    Charlotte Valeur and Claire Fargeot have over 60 years combined experience of working in and around boards in all types of organisations, all over the world. They deliver training, conduct board reviews and advise and support boards on governance and sustainability issues through their company, Global Governance Group.

    "This book is packed with practical insight and tips for directors and those seeking directorships: all those who aspire to deliver to professionally high standards. Experiential learning is gained over time, the latter being a prized commodity; it is hard to be a wise board member who can give valued and thoughtful counsel without having acquired years of experience. How I wish I had been able to access a book such as this written by professionals for those who aspire to be the best they can be in a highly complex business arena."

    Jean Church MBE Dip.IoD FIoD, Director My Business Lynq Ltd., Chair of Council (SICM) Institute of Directors 


    "Never before has directorship proved so challenging for boards as they navigate companies though the perils of Covid-19 while adapting business models to address climate change impacts – all within the context of an ever digitalised world. Effective Directors: The Right Questions to Ask addresses many of these challenges, offering personal insights from some of the world’s most seasoned governance professionals. A MUST read for anyone serving on – or supporting – corporate boards in the 21st century."

    Kerrie Waring, Chief Executive Officer, International Corporate Governance Network


    "Directors’ duties are increasingly complex. So, what better than a vast range of questions helpfully anticipated by experienced practitioners, directors, academics, and consultants? This comprehensive collection makes this a must for every director!"

    Dr Margaret Casely-Hayford CBE


    "Five Stars. This is the book I have been waiting for. The breadth board directors have to cover makes it difficult for them to add value and mitigate risk in all areas. Effective Directors: The Right Questions to Ask (QTA) is easy to consume, a practical toolbox and a really useful reference point. The book is a consolidation of the wisdom from many and will enable directors to leap frog their board abilities forward."

    John Jeffcock, CEO, Winmark