1st Edition

Effective Teachers=Student Achievement
What the Research Says

ISBN 9781596671546
Published June 25, 2010 by Routledge
192 Pages

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Book Description

Research has shown that there is no greater influence on a student's success than the quality of his or her teacher.

This book presents the research findings which demonstrate the connection between teacher effectiveness and student achievement. We've always known, at least intuitively, that teachers matter, but this book proves that teachers are the most powerful factors ensuring student success.

Author James Stronge describes and explains the value-added teacher-assessment research that has emerged in the past decade and demystifies the power and practices of effective teachers.

Table of Contents

About the Author
Part 1: Effective Teachers = Student Achievement
1. Do Teachers Matter? The Impact of Teachers on Student Achievement
What is the Evidence that Teachers Matter to Student Achievement?
What Are the Possibilities and Pitfalls of Estimating Teacher Effects on Student Achievement?
2. How Much Do Teachers Matter?
How Influential is Teacher Effectiveness on Student Achievement?
How Much of the Variability in Student Achievement Can Be Explained by Teacher Effectiveness?
What Are Practical Implications of Teacher Effects on Student Achievement?
3. Why Do Teachers Matter?
How Do Cumulative Effects of Teachers Impact Student Achievement?
How Do Residual Effects of Teachers Impact Student Achievement?
What Are the Implications of Teacher Effectiveness for Selected Student Populations?
4. How Do Teachers Matter?
Why Should We Care About What Makes a Teacher Effective?
What is a Framework for Understanding Effective Teachers Qualities and Dispositions?
How Do Teachers' Background Qualities Affect Student Achievement?
5. How Does Teacher Effectiveness Impact School Reform?
What Does Teacher Effectiveness Relate to Class-Size Reduction?
Can School Improvement Succeed without Teacher Improvement?
How Does Teacher Effectiveness Relate to Teacher Pay Reform?
6. Why Teachers Do Matter Most
Can Schools Improve Without Teacher Improvement?
What Are Implications for Having Effective Teachers in a School?
Why Must We Value Effective Teachers?
Part 2: Resources You Can Use
Value-Added Methods
How Value-Added Methods Work
Virtues of Estimating Teacher Effects by Using Value-Added Model
Inexactness of Estimating Teacher Effects
Selected Annotated Bibliography

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