Egyptian Tales and Romances (Routledge Revivals) : Pagan, Christian and Muslim book cover
1st Edition

Egyptian Tales and Romances (Routledge Revivals)
Pagan, Christian and Muslim

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ISBN 9780415663434
Published August 13, 2014 by Routledge
456 Pages

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Book Description

Sir E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934) was Keeper of the British Museum’s department of oriental antiquities from 1894 until his retirement in 1924. Carrying out many missions to Egypt in search of ancient objects, Budge was hugely successful in collecting papyri, statues and other artefacts for the trustees of the British Museum: numbering into the thousands and of great cultural and historical significance. Budge published well over 100 monographs, which shaped the development of future scholarship and are still of great academic value today, dealing with subjects such as Egyptian religion, history and literature.

First published in 1931, Egyptian Tales and Romances examines the historical and religious romances of the Egyptians from the early dynastic period to the twentieth century. Budge demonstrates Egypt’s transition from Paganism to Christianity, and finally to Islam, through tales and stories carefully transcribed and translated. Part I contains historical romances written on papyrus and stone, whilst parts II and III are derived largely from Coptic and Muslim manuscript sources. Including detailed illustrations and photographs, this fascinating classic work will be of interest to academics and students of Egyptian folklore, archaeology and history, as well as the general inquisitive reader.

Table of Contents

Preface; Part I: Pagan  1. Stories of the marvellous deeds wrought by the magicians of the Old Kingdom  2. The Appeals of the wronged peasant Khunanpu  3. The story of Sanehe  4. The shipwrecked sailor and his adventures  5. The tale of the two brothers  6. How the witch-goddess Isis usurped the power of Rā the Son God  7. The price who was predestined to die a violent death  8. Un-Amen’s mission to the Lebanon  9. How the God Khonsu expelled a devil from the Princess of Bekhten  10. Setma Khāmuas and his converse with the dead  11. The story of Khāmuas and his son Sa-Asar  12. Setom Khāmuas as the saviour of Egypt  Part II: Christian (Coptic)  1. How Abbaton, the Angel of Death, became the King of all mankind  2. The mysteries of St John the Divine  3. How Pisentius, Bishop of Coptos, held converse with the mummies in a tomb in Djemi or western Thebes  4. The story of Dorotheos and Theopisthe as told by Theodosius, Patriarch of Alexandria, about A.D. 536  5. The story of Ketson, the merchant, as told by Severus, Patriarch of Antioch  6. The story of the Lady Euphemia and the devil, as told by Eustathius, Bishop of Trake  7. The history of Aur, the son of the magician Abrashīt by a queen  8. The life of Onnophrios, the Anchorite, by Apa Papnoute (Paphnutius)  9. The Revelation of St Paul. St Paul’s vision of the Judgement  10. Apa Aaron and his miracles  11. The story of the finding of the Cross, as told by Cyril of Jerusalem  12. Adam describes the rebellion of Satan against God  Part III: Muslim  1. The story of Muhammad the Clever One  2. The story of the Bear-of-the-Kitchen  3. The story of Fulla, the Shaykha of the Arabs  4. The story of the fisherman and his son  5. The story of the Princess Datal  6. The story of the virtous maiden and the wicked Kādī and Wazīr  7. The story of the prince who learned the trade of the silk-weaver  8. The story of the amorous prince  9. The story of the itinerant musician and his son  10. The story of the maiden and the singing nightingale  11. The story of the Princess Arab-Zandīq  12. The story of the prince and his horse; Index.

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