1st Edition

Egyptian Temples

By Margaret Murray Copyright 2004
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 2005. Written by a well-respected Professor of Egyptology at University College, London in the latter half of the nineteenth century, this is a scholarly but readable account of the temples of Ancient Egypt. The work, which rests comfortably between well informed guidebook and specialist tome, surveys the architecture, history and distinguishing characteristics of every important temple. Helpful illustrations are included.

    Introduction; Chapter I The Granite Temple; Chapter III Temples of the Step-Pyramid; Chapter IV Speos Artemidos; Chapter V Tel El Amarna; Chapter VI Abydos; Chapter VII Abydos; Chapter VIII Koptos (Quft); Chapter IX Dendera; Chapter X Dendera; Chapter XI Karnak; Chapter 11a List of Temples at Karnak; Chapter XII Karnak; Chapter XIII Karnak; Chapter XIV Karnak; Chapter XV Karnak; Chapter XVI Karnak; Chapter XVII Karnak; Chapter XVIII Hall of Akhenaten; Chapter XIX Medamut; Chapter XX Temple of Luxor; ChapterXXI Qurna; Chapter XXII Dêr El Bahri; Chapter XXIII Dêr El Bahri; Chapter XXIV Ramesseum; Chapter XXV Dêr el Medina; Chapter XXVI Medinet Habu; Chapter XXVII Medinet Habu; Chapter XXVIII Medinet Habu; Chapter XXIX Esna; Chapter XXX Edfu; Chapter XXXI Kom Ombos; Chapter XXXII Philae; Chapter XXXIII Philae—The Smaller Temples; Chapter XXXIV Debod; Chapter XXXV Qertassi; Chapter XXXVI Tâfa; Chapter XXXVII Kalabsha; Chapte rXXXVIII Bêt el Wali; Chapter XXXIX Dendur; ChapterXL Gerf Husên; Chapter XLI Dakka; Chapter XLII El Maharraka; Chapter XLIII Es Sebua; Chapter XLIV Amada; Chapter XLV Derr; Chapter XLVI Abu Simbel; Chapter XLVII Abu Simbel; Chapter XLVIII Abahuda;


    Margaret Murray Professor of Egyptology at University College, London.