Einstein Metrics and Yang-Mills Connections  book cover
1st Edition

Einstein Metrics and Yang-Mills Connections

ISBN 9780824790691
Published April 20, 1993 by CRC Press
240 Pages

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Book Description

This volume contains papers presented at the 27th Taniguchi International Symposium, held in Sanda, Japan - focusing on the study of moduli spaces of various geometric objects such as Einstein metrics, conformal structures, and Yang-Mills connections from algebraic and analytic points of view.;Written by over 15 authorities from around the world, Einstein Metrics and Yang-Mills Connections...: discusses current topics in Kaehler geometry, including Kaehler-Einstein metrics, Hermitian-Einstein connections and a new Kaehler version of Kawamata-Viehweg's vanishing theorem; explores algebraic geometric treatments of holomorphic vector bundles on curves and surfaces; addresses nonlinear problems related to Mong-Ampere and Yamabe-type equations as well as nonlinear equations in mathematical physics; and covers interdisciplinary topics such as twistor theory, magnetic monopoles, KP-equations, Einstein and Gibbons-Hawking metrics, and supercommutative algebras of superdifferential operators.;Providing a wide array of original research articles not published elsewhere Einstein Metrics and Yang-Mills Connections is for research mathematicians, including topologists and differential and algebraic geometers, theoretical physicists, and graudate-level students in these disciplines.

Table of Contents

Proof of the yamanbe conjecture, without the positive mass theorem, for locally conformally flat manifolds, A. Bahri; Einstein-Hermitian metrics on non-compact kahler manifolds, S. Bando; stability of vector bundles on surfaces and curves, F. Bogomolov; magnetic monopoles and topology, P. Raam; kawamata-viehweg vanishing theorem for compact kahler manifolds, I. Enoki; morse theory and thom-gysin exact sequence, M. Furuta; yang-mills connections of homogeneous bundles II, N. Koiso; non-trivial harmonic spinors on certain algebraic surfaces, D. Kotschick; cohomology on symmetric products, syzgies of canonical curves, and a theorem of kempf, R. Lazarsfeld; self-dual manifolds and hyperbolic geometry, C. LeBrun; stability and Einstein-Kahler metric of a quartic del pezzo surface, T. Mabuchi and S. Mukai; geometric classification of Z-commu6tative algebras of super differential operators, M. Mulase; relative bounds for fano varieties of the second kind, A. Nadel; monopoles and Nahm's equations, H. Nakajima; existence of infinitely many solutions of a conformally invariant elliptic equation, S. Takakuwa.

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