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    Elastomer Technology Handbook is a major new reference on the science and technology of engineered elastomers. This contributed volume features some of the latest work by international experts in polymer science and rubber technology. Topics covered include theoretical and practical information on characterizing rubbers, designing engineering elastomers for consumer and engineering applications, properties testing, chemical and physical property characterization, polymerization chemistry, rubber processing and fabrication methods, and rheological characterization. The book also highlights both conventional and emerging market applications for synthetic rubber products and emphasizes the latest technology advancements.
    Elastomer Technology Handbook is a "must have" book for polymer researchers and engineers. It will also benefit anyone involved in the handling, manufacturing, processing, and designing of synthetic rubbers.

    1. Analytical Test Methods for Polymer Characterization 2. Chemical Characterization in Polymer Analysis 3. The Use of Thermal Analysis in Polymer Characterization 4. Tensile Yield in Polymers 5. Mechanochemustry of Polymers Deformation and Fracture Processes 6. Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber/Polyolefin Blends 7. Properties Modeling of Viscoelastic Elastomers 8. Interpenetrating Polymer Networks 9. Catalysts for the Copolymerization of Ethylene-Propylene Elastomers 10. Thermal and Oxidative Stability of Ethylene-Propylene Rubber 11. The Nature of Sulfur Vulcanization 12. Peroxide Crosslinking of EPDM Rubbers 13. Properties and Degradation of Nitrile Rubber 14. Thermoplastic Elastomers: A Rising Star 15. Markets for Thermoplastic Elastomers 16. Degassing of Thermoplastics During Extrusion With Single-Screw and Co-rotating Twin-Screw Extruders 17. Epoxidized Rubbers 18. Toughening Concept in Rubber-Modified High Performance Epoxies 19. Characterization of Phase Behavior in Polymer Blends 20. Compatibilization of Polymer Blends 21. Rubber Mixing Principles 22. Rubber Extrusion Principles 23. Blown Film Technology 24. Principles of Adhesive Rheology 25. Adhesion Between Components of Elastomeric Composite Materials 26. Polymer Applications in the Construction Industry 27. Polymers in Sandwich Construction 28. Polymer-Concrete Composites 29. Properties of Polymers Suitable for Solar Energy Applications


    Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.; Cheremisinoff, Paul N.