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Election Law, Politics, and Theory: Election Law, Politics, and Theory

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Election Law, Politics, and Theory broadly examines election law at the national, subnational, and international or comparative levels. Titles in the series provide both empirical and theoretical analysis of topics and issues that affect voting, campaigns, and elections, and as such offer coverage of political as well as legal concerns and controversies. Useful for scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the field, volumes address such subjects as voting rights, reapportionment, ballot access, campaign finance reform, the courts and election regulation, and the role of actors including political parties and the media. The series' ultimate goal is to build scholarship in this key area by seeking to understand how elections function in an increasingly complex, technological, and global community, and the ways in which election law impacts outcomes, disputes, and eventually governance in particular nations and societies.

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E-Voting Case Law A Comparative Analysis

E-Voting Case Law: A Comparative Analysis

1st Edition

By Ardita Driza Maurer, Jordi Barrat
May 24, 2017

E-voting is the use of electronic means in the casting of the vote at political elections or referendums. This book provides an overview of e-voting related case-law worldwide and explains how judicial decisions impact e-voting development. With contributions by renowned experts on thirteen ...

Ritual and Rhythm in Electoral Systems A Comparative Legal Account

Ritual and Rhythm in Electoral Systems: A Comparative Legal Account

1st Edition

By Graeme Orr
May 18, 2017

’Why do we vote in schools?’ ’What is the social meaning of secret balloting?’ ’What is lost if we vote by mail or computers rather than on election day?’ ’What is the history and role of drinking and wagering in elections?’ ’How does the electoral cycle generate the theatre of election night and ...

The Battle Over Bilingual Ballots Language Minorities and Political Access Under the Voting Rights Act

The Battle Over Bilingual Ballots: Language Minorities and Political Access Under the Voting Rights Act

1st Edition

By James Thomas Tucker
November 16, 2016

In recent years, few federal requirements have been as controversial as the mandate for what critics call 'bilingual ballots'. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 included a permanent requirement for language assistance for Puerto Rican voters educated in Spanish and ten years later Congress banned ...

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