1st Edition

Electric Discharge Hybrid-Machining Processes Fundamentals and Applications

Edited By Basil Kuriachen, Jose Mathew, Uday Dixit Copyright 2022
    371 Pages 218 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides the knowledge and insight into the fundamental aspects of Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) processes and various hybrid machining technologies derived to improve the machining efficiencies. Fundamental theory of material removal, recent research trends and future research directions have been covered in each chapter. After explaining EDM, Dry and Near-dry EDM processes, Electrochemical Spark Machining, Arc Machining processes, Electric Discharge Hybrid-Turning processes, Electrical Discharge Grinding, Electric Discharge Milling, and various assisted EDM processes have been discussed. Finally, modeling and simulation of hybrid machining processes are also included.

    • The book reflects the recent developments and trends in electric discharge hybrid machining processes.
    • It covers in detail the basics of EDM, various hybrid and assistive technologies in EDM.
    • It includes the updated discussion on the significance of process parameters in various hybrid EDM processes.
    • An overview of modelling and simulation of hybrid EDM process is provided.

    This book is aimed at Graduate students, researchers in manufacturing engineering, production engineering, and materials engineering.

    1 Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) 2 Dry and Near-Dry Electrical Discharge Machining 3 Electrochemical Spark Machining Process 4 Sequential EDM and ECM process 5 Recent trends in ARC Machining Processes 6 Electric Discharge Hybrid-Turning Processes 7 Electric Discharge Grinding (EDG) 8 Electric Discharge Assisted Milling 9 Vibration-assisted EDM and Micro-EDM processes 10 Magnetic Field Assistance in the EDM Process 11 Sequential Laser cum Electrical Discharge Machining  12 Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining (PMEDM 13 Hybrid Micro-EDM 14 Modeling and Optimization of EDM-Based Hybrid Machining Processes 15 Application of EDM-based Hybrid and Sequential Processes in Micro Manufacturing


    Basil Kuriachen