3rd Edition

Electric Power Transformer Engineering

Edited By James H. Harlow Copyright 2012
    694 Pages 460 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Third Edition expounds the latest information and developments to engineers who are familiar with basic principles and applications, perhaps including a hands-on working knowledge of power transformers. Targeting all from the merely curious to seasoned professionals and acknowledged experts, its content is structured to enable readers to easily access essential material in order to appreciate the many facets of an electric power transformer.

    Topically structured in three parts, the book:

    • Illustrates for electrical engineers the relevant theories and principles (concepts and mathematics) of power transformers
    • Devotes complete chapters to each of 10 particular embodiments of power transformers, including power, distribution, phase-shifting, rectifier, dry-type, and instrument transformers, as well as step-voltage regulators, constant-voltage transformers, transformers for wind turbine generators and photovoltaic applications, and reactors
    • Addresses 14 ancillary topics including insulation, bushings, load tap changers, thermal performance, testing, protection, audible sound, failure analysis, installation and maintenance and more

    As with the other books in the series, this one supplies a high level of detail and, more importantly, a tutorial style of writing and use of photographs and graphics to help the reader understand the material. Important chapters have been retained from the second edition; most have been significantly expanded and updated for this third installment. Each chapter is replete with photographs, equations, and tabular data, and this edition includes a new chapter on transformers for use with wind turbine generators and distributed photovoltaic arrays. Jim Harlow and his esteemed group of contributors offer a glimpse into the enthusiastic community of power transformer engineers responsible for this outstanding and best-selling work.

    A volume in the Electric Power Engineering Handbook, Third Edition.

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    Theory and Principles, D.J. Allan and H. Moore

    Power Transformers, H.J. Sim and S.H. Digby

    Distribution Transformers, D.L. Galloway, D. Mulkey, and A.L. Wilks

    Phase-Shifting Transformers, G. Preininger

    Rectifier Transformers, S.P. Kennedy

    Dry-Type Transformers, C.W. Johnson, Jr.

    Instrument Transformers, R. Mullikin

    Step-Voltage Regulators, C.A. Colopy

    Constant-Voltage Transformers, A. Maitra, A. Gaikwad, A. Mansoor, D. Dorr, and R. Ferraro

    Transformers for Wind Turbine Generators and Photovoltaic Applications, D.E. Buckmaster and H. Shertukde

    Reactors, R.F. Dudley, M. Sharp, A. Castanheira, and B.B. Biglar

    Insulating Media, T.A. Prevost, D.L. Hanson, L.J. Savio, and T. Haupert

    Electrical Bushings, L.B. Wagenaar

    Tap Changers and Smart Intelligent Controls, D. Dohnal, A. Kraemer, and K. Viereck

    Loading and Thermal Performance, R.F. Tillman, Jr. and D.A. Duckett

    Transformer Connections, S. Shull and D.D. Perco

    Transformer Testing, S.P. Mehta and W.R. Henning

    Load-Tap-Change Control and Transformer Paralleling, J.H. Harlow

    Power Transformer Protection, A. Guzman, H.J. Altuve, and G. Benmouyal

    Causes and Effects of Transformer Sound Levels, J.L. Puri

    Transient-Voltage Response of Coils and Windings, R.C. Degeneff

    Transformer Installation and Maintenance, T.D. Kabrich

    Problem and Failure Investigation, W.B. Binder and H. Moore

    On-Line Monitoring of Liquid-Immersed Transformers, G.R. Hoffman

    U.S. Power Transformer Equipment Standards and Processes, P.J. Hopkinson


    Pip Wilson, Ian Long

    "… covers a broad range of transformer topics relevant to a transformer owner/operator … a good "single-point" reference and source of information that is otherwise scattered among many other publications."
    —Andy Speegle, Entergy Corporation, Jackson, Mississippi, USA