1st Edition

Electrical Impedance
Principles, Measurement, and Applications

ISBN 9781138199439
Published November 16, 2016 by CRC Press
308 Pages 191 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Electrical Impedance: Principles, Measurement, and Applications provides a modern and much-needed overview of electrical impedance measurement science and its application in metrology, sensor reading, device and material characterizations. It presents up-to-date coverage of the theory, practical methods, and modeling. The author covers the main impedance measurement techniques, stressing their practical application. The book includes a large set of measurement setup schematics, and diagrams and photos of standards and devices. It also offers an extensive list of references to both historical and recent papers on devices, methods, and traceability issues.

  • Reviews the main definitions of the quantities related to impedance, some theorems of particular interest, the issue of impedance representation, and introduces the problem of impedance definition
  • Lists devices, appliances, circuits, and instruments employed as building blocks of impedance measurement setups
  • Classifies the main impedance measurement methods, including details on their implementation when a specific impedance definition is chosen
  • Discusses the increasing use of mixed-signal electronics in impedance measurement setups
  • Covers applications including details on the measurement of electromagnetic properties of materials
  • Introduces impedance metrology, including artifact impedance standards, and the realization and reproduction of SI impedance units

Table of Contents

Two-terminal circuit elements
Resistors, capacitors, inductors
Impedance and admittance
Power and RMS value
Beyond two-terminal networks
Impedance and linear response theory
Impedance as an electromagnetic quantity
The graphical representation of electrical impedance
Density quantities
Frequency ranges

Impedance definitions
n-terminal definitions
n-terminal-pair definitions
Change of definition
Cable effects

Devices and appliances of interest in impedance measurement
Voltage and current measurement
Voltage and current ratio devices
Cables and connectors

Common practice methods
I-V method
Two-voltage methods
Three-voltage method
Transformer bridges
Beyond 2T definition of impedance standards
The LCR meter
Resonance methods
Mutual inductance measured as self-inductance
Network analysis

Going digital
Direct digital synthesis
Digital signal analysis
Digital impedance bridges
Sampling impedance meters

Some applications of impedance measurement
Measurement of electromagnetic properties of materials
Sensor reading
Semiconductor device characterization
Biological measurements

Metrology: traceability and uncertainty

Metrology: standards
Impedance standards
Inductance standards
Capacitance standards
Synthesized impedance standards
Cryogenic standards
Standards of phase angle, time constant, etc
Open and short standards
High-frequency and microwave standards

Metrology: realization and reproduction
The International System of Units
Realization of impedance units
Reproduction of the ohm
Counting electrons
The future of SI

Harmonic electromagnetic fields
CODATA recommended values
Reactance Chart

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"This book is very well written and provides an excellent source for the engineer or metrologist who needs to make impedance measurements on materials or devices. It provides a good background on all the commonly used methods and contains essential practical methods to ensure accurate measurements. Having all this information in one book is very convenient for the experimentalist. If you perform impedance-based measurements, this book is well worth owning."
IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, November/December 2013