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2nd Edition

Electrical Impedance Tomography Methods, History and Applications

Edited By Andy Adler, David Holder Copyright 2022
    ISBN 9781032161174
    518 Pages 206 B/W Illustrations
    May 31, 2023 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9780367023782
    518 Pages 206 B/W Illustrations
    Published May 15, 2019 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9780429399886
    518 Pages 206 B/W Illustrations
    Published December 19, 2021 by CRC Press

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    With contributions from leading international researchers, this second edition of Electrical Impedance Tomography: Methods, History and Applications has been fully updated throughout and contains new developments in the field, including sections on image interpretation and image reconstruction. Providing a thorough review of the progress of EIT, the present state of knowledge, and a look at future advances and applications, this accessible reference will be invaluable for mathematicians, physicists dealing with bioimpedance, electronic engineers involved in developing and extending its applications, and clinicians wishing to take advantage of this powerful imaging method.

    Key Features:

    • Fully updated throughout, with new sections on image interpretation and image reconstruction
    • Overview of the current state of experimental and clinical use of EIT as well as active research developments
    • Overview of related research in geophysics, industrial process tomography, magnetic-resonance and magnetic-induction impedance imaging

    Section i. Introduction.

    Chapter 1. Electrical Impedance Tomography.

    Chapter 2. Introduction to EIT Concepts and Technology.

    Section ii. EIT: Tissue Properties to Image Measures.

    Chapter 3. Electromagnetic Properties of Tissues.

    Chapter 4. Electronics and Hardware.

    Chapter 5. The EIT Forward Problem.

    Chapter 6. The EIT Inverse Problem.

    Chapter 7. D-bar Methods for EIT.

    Chapter 8. EIT Image Interpretation.

    Section iii. Applications.

    Chapter 9. EIT for Measurement of Function.

    Chapter 10. EIT for Monitring of Ventilation.

    Chapter 11. EIT Monitoring of Hemodynamics.

    Chapter 12. EIT Imaging of Brain Nerves.

    Chapter 13. EIT for Imaging of Cancer.

    Chapter 14. Other Clinical Applications of EIT.

    Chapter 15. Veterinary Applications of EIT. Section iv. Related Technologies.

    Chapter 16. Magnetic Induction Tomography.

    Chapter 17. Electrical Imaging using MRI.

    Chapter 18. Geophysical ERT.

    Chapter 19. Industrial Process Tomography.

    Chapter 20. Devices, History and Conferences.


    David Holder is a Professor of Biophysics and Clinical Neurophysiology, and an Honorary Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology at University College London and UCL Hospitals, UK.

    Andy Adler is a Canada Research Professor in biomedical engineering in Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

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