1st Edition

Electrical Insulation in Power Systems

    Covers the design, operations, diagnostics and testing of electrical insulation in high-voltage power networks. The book presents the fundamental properties of dielectrics essential for the optimum design of power systems. It provides a survey of advanced digital and electro-optic techniques used in both the field and research.

    Introduction to electrical insulation in power systems; gas dielectrics; air insulation; SF insulation; liquid dielectrics; solid dielectrics; vacuum dielectrics; composite dielectrics; high voltage cables; generation and measurement of testing voltages; new measurement and diagnostic technologies; insulation testing.


    N.H. Malik, A.A. Al-Arainy, M.I. Qureshi

    ". . .one of the few recent texts dealing with the broad range of insulation materials used in power systems, including vacuum, gas, liquid, solid, and composite materials. . . .a good collection in one place of the basic information in this area…should be useful to practicing engineers as well as to students. "
    ---IEEE Electrical Insulator Magazine